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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....


I have a darker side, sadly. And while photography represents the generally cheerful, optimistic part of my personality, when I open up a word processor it’s generally because I need to vent.

I try to juice it up with humour, but really, underneath all that I feel that there is something desperately wrong out there and that things, sadly, really are SHIT a lot of the time.

Photography helps me escape, and I guess in a weird sort of way this kind of recurring shit therefore is a kind of vengeful inspiration. Somehow.

Anyway, just so you know:

1. Redbubble’s views on DMCA are pretty shitty actually

2. Apparently if I have a problem with accessing the internet, my ISP recommends checking for help online. I think that means their feedback mechanism is probably lying when it says Your Feedback is Important to us

3. While I fear it may be misconstrued, I really do have a problem with Sponsoring people to have fun

4. Sorry to say, but I definitely believe that Groups are mis used on Redubble

5. Did you know that people at my work are idiots?

6. I regret to inform myself that the degree to which my rail company irritates me verges on dangerous

7. No payrises at work this year. Why am I not surprised? Mostly because apparently it’s For Aesthetic Reasons

8. Microsoft Sucks. But additionally, why can’t the internet be more helpful?

9. The IT Department where I work sucks… , … but their feedback process sucks even more

End Rants.

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