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Movie Premieres

Have camera, will travel. Am single, can be home anytime I please. That’s the way it is for now. And even though a year in Australia meant only four premieres in twelve months, I’m back in London and I’m adding them consistently once again! Photographic highlights that are of a higher quality than the facebook-linked journals are better appreciated In my Bubblesite collection of Celeb shots

And here’s some of the largest/latest in chronological order:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Garfield! Stone! Foxx! DeHaan! Webb!
NOAH – Crowe! Aronofsky! Connelly! Watson! Lerman!
Divergent – Woodley! James! Winslet! Roth!
The Muppets Most Wanted – Miss Piggy! Kermit! Gervais! Burrell! Tucci!
Captain America : The Winter Soldier – Evans! Johanssson! SLJackson!
The Monuments Men – Clooney! Damon! Murray! Goodman! Dujardin!
Dallas Buyers Club – Matthew McConaughey! Jared Leto! Darkness and Rain!
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit – Pine! Knightley! Branagh!
Twelve Years A Slave – McQueen! Ejiofor!

And here’s everything conveniently placed in alphabetical order! (you’re welcome!)

A to F
Abduction – Taylor Lautner. I actually did not go to the premiere
African Cats – The Directors! Will & Kate!
Alice In Wonderland – Burton! Bonham-Carter! Hathaway! – not a lot of Depp
American Mary – Soska! Soska! Isabelle!
American Pie 4 aka American Reunion – Biggs! Levi! Suvari!
Anchorman2 – Ferrell! Carell! Rudd! Apatow! Applegate!
Anonymous – Emmerich! Ifans! Thewlis!
Argo – Ben Affleck! John Goodman!
Arthur Christmas – Nighy! Park! A billionaire’s daughter!
Australia – Kidman! Jackman! Luhrman!
Avatar – James Cameron! In Colour! In Widescreen!
The AVENGERS European Premiere – Downey Jnr! Johansson! Hiddleston! Hemsworth!
Awards – ARIA Music 2010 – Sia! Washington! Powderfinger!
Awards – Baftas 2014 – Brangelina! DiCaprio! Mirren! McQueen! Cuaron!
Awards – Baftas 2013 – Clooney! Lawrence! Affleck! Cooper! etc!
Awards – Baftas 2012 – featuring Pitt, Clooney and Streep!
Awards – Baftas 2010 – featuring R-Patz and K-Stewz!
Awards – British Independent Film Awards 2012
Awards – Empire 2012 – DeVito! Lundgren! and More!
Awards – GQ 2011 – Charlize! Kylie!
Awards – GQ 2012 – Kylie! Bellucci!
Awards – GQ 2013 – Brand! Eve! Douglas!
Awards – Oliviers 2014 – Hiddleston! Atwell! Dench! Theatre! Culture!
Awards – Pride of Britain 2012 – Stephen Hawking!?
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Dench! Patel! Wilkinson!
Blood – Bettany! Tapper! No Vampires!
Blue Jasmine – Cate Blanchett! Sally Hawkins!
Blur – No Distance Left To Run – The Guys from Blur!
The Boat that Rocked – McCartney! Halliwell!.. even some of the Cast showed up!
Bright Star – Jane Campion! Boris Johnson!
Bruno – …Bruno!
Bula Quo – Status Quo! Laura Aikman! Craig Fairbrass!
A Bunch of Amateurs- Royal Screening – HRH Queen Elizabeth II attended!!
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
Captain America : The Winter Soldier – Evans! Johanssson! SLJackson!
Captain Phillips – Tom Hanks! Paul Greengrass!
Cars2 – Caine! Isaacs! Lasseter!
Charlie St Cloud -Efron!
Chloe – Moore! Seyfried! Reitman!
Class of 92 – Beckham! Five other ManU players! Two-fifths of OneDirection!
Cloud Atlas – Wachowskis! Tykwer! Whishaw! Sturgess!
Confessions of a Shopaholic – Fisher! Bruckheimer!
The Counselor – Ridley Scott! JBardem! MFassbender! PCruz!
Cowboys & Aliens – Han Solo! James Bond! The Girl From Tron2!
Creation – Bettany: Yes! Connelly: No!) (under reconstruction)
Crossfire Hurricane – Rolling Stones! Mick! Keith! Ronnie! Charlie!
Dallas Buyers Club – Matthew McConaughey! Jared Leto!
The Damned United – Broadbent! Sheen!
A Dangerous Method – Fassbender! Knightley! Mortenson!
The Dark Knight – Bale! Caine! Eckhart! Gyllenhall! All kind of!
The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan! Bale! Hardy! Freeman! Hathaway! Cotillard! Gordon-Levitt! Murphy!
Dark Shadows – Depp! Burton! Bonham Carter! Pfeiffer! etc!
Dead Man Running – 50 Cent! Rio Ferdinand!
The Debt – Mirren! Wilkinson! Firth
The Deep Blue Sea – Hiddleston! No Sharks!
Defiance – Craig! Liev! .. the other guy!
Demons Never Die – Who? What? Who?
The Descendants – Clooney! yes, Again!
The Devil’s Double – Cooper! Sagnier! No Carpet?
Diana – Watts! Hirschbiegel!
The Dictator – General Admiral Aladeen of Wadiya!
Did you hear about the Morgans – Jessica Parker! Grant! Hurley!?
Die Hard – A Good Day to Die Hard – BWillis! JCourtney! SKoch!
Divergent – Woodley! James! Winslet! Roth!
Django Unchained – QTarantino! SLJackson! JFoxx! CWaltz!
Drinking Buddies – Kendrick! Swanberg!
Duplicity – Julia Roberts! Clive Owen!
An Education – Thompson! Mulligan!
The Expendables 2 – Sly! Arnie! JCVD! Statham!
The Fantastic Mr Fox – Clooney! Murray! … Cindy Crawford??
Fast and Furious – Walker! Brewster! Rodriguez! Vin Diesel!
Filth – McAvoy! Welsh! Poots! Froggatt!
Flight – RZemeckis! DWashington! KReilly!
Frankenweenie – Burton! Bonham Carter! Landau! Short!

G to Q
Gambit – Firth! Diaz! Rickman!
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – DCraig! RMara!
Glorious 39 – Dr Who! Girl with Spiky Hair! Davey Jones!
Gravity – Cuaron! Bullock!
Great Expectations – BonhamCarter! Fieness! Coltrane! Irvine!
Hancock – Charlize Theron. Will Smith. Enough Said.
The Hangover – Heather Graham! And some guys!
The Hangover III – Cooper! Graham! Bartha! Jeong! Galifianakis
Happy Feet 2 – Robin Wiliams! Elijah Wood! The Penguin?
Harry Brown : Michael Caine!
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Rowling! Radcliffe! Watson! Grint!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 – pretty much everyone!!
Harry Potter 7b2 – pretty much everyone I missed!
The Heat – Bullock! Feig! Dormer!
Hitchcock – Hopkins! Mirren!
Horrible Bosses – Aniston! Bateman! Men with Beards!
Horrid Henry – three-fifths of Girls Aloud!
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People – Pegg! Ummm….Serkiss?!
Hugo – Scorcese! Moretz! Charles! Camilla!
Hummingbird – Jason Statham! Rosie H-W! Others
The Hunger Games – Lawrence! Hemsworth x2!
The Hunger Games Catching Fire – Lawrence! Hemsworth! Hutcherson! Banks! Sutherland!
I Give It A Year – Byrne! Baker! Driver!
The Ides of March – Clooney! Seymour Hoffman!
ill Manors – Plan B! And Guests!
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus – Gilliam! Cole! Garfield!?
In Time – Timberlake! Seyfried! CMurphy!
Inglourious Basterds – Tarantino! Kruger! But not Pitt!
Invictus- Clint Eastwood! Morgan Freeman! Maaaaatt Daaaaamon!
The Invisible Woman – Fiennes! Rickman! Scott Thomas!
Iron Man 3 – DowneyJnr! Cheadle! Kingsley! Hall!
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit – Pine! Knightley! Branagh!
John Carter of Mars – Kitsch! Dafoe!
Johnny English Reborn – Atkinson! Anderson!
The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience – Jonas! Jonas! ..and Jonas!
The Keith Lemon Movie – in black and white!
Kung Fu Panda 2 – Just Jack Black!
Larry Crowne – Hanks! Hoff! A Rolling Stone!
The Last Stand – Arnie! Jaimie! Johnny!
The Last Station – Mirren! McAvoy! Duff!
Les Miserables – Hugh Jackman! Russell Crowe! Anne Hathaway! And More!
Life of Pi – Ang Lee! Sharma! Spall! Hiddleston!
Locke – Tom Hardy! Andrew Scott!
London Fashion Week I – 2013
London Fashion Week II – 2013
A Lonely Place to Die – MGeorge! That is all!
The Lone Ranger – Depp! Verbinski! Bruckheimer!
The Lovely Bones – Peter Jackson! Charles and Camilla!
Madagascar2 – Rock! Stiller! Pinkett-Smith!
Malice (sic) in Wonderland – Danny Dyer flicks a cigarette!
Mandela – The Long Walk to Freedom Royal Premiere – Elba! Harris! Kate and William!
Marley and Me – Aniston! Wilson!
Me & Orson Welles – Zac! Efron! Eee! And Claire Danes!
Melancholia – Dunst! Hurt!
Man of Steel – Cavill! Snyder! Nolan! Zimmer! Shannon! Adams!
Men in Black 3 – WSmith! JBrolin! EThompson!
The Men Who Stare At Goats – Clooney! Again! (under reconstruction)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – Tom Cruise! Simon Pegg!
Monsters vs Aliens – Witherspoon! Sutherland!
The Monuments Men – Clooney! Damon! Murray! Goodman! Dujardin!
Much Ado About Nothing – Whedon! Hiddleston! Denisof!
Muppets Most Wanted – Miss Piggy! Kermit! Gervais! Burrell! Tucci!
My Week With Marilyn – Hermione! Dobby! Lily Potter! Gilderoy Lockhart! Madam Hooch!
Nativity!2 – David Tennant! and a Dude With Antlers!
A Night at the Museum2 – Stiller! Gervais! Azaria!
Nine – Kidman! Cruz! Hudson! Dench!
Noah – Crowe! Aronofsky! Connelly! Watson! Lerman!
Now is Good – Dakota! Fanning! Irvine!
Nowhere Boy – Scott-Thomas! Taylor-Wood!
Oblivion – Tom Cruise! Olga Kurylenko! Joseph Kosinski!
Olympus Has Fallen – Gerard Butler! Aaron Eckhart!
One Day – Hathaway! Sturgess!
Only Lovers Left Alive – Tom Hiddleston! Yasmine Hamdan!
Outside Bet – Atack! Drive! Maza!
Oz the Great and Powerful – Franco! Kunis! Weisz! Braff! Raimi! Williams!
Pacific Rim – Del Toro! Elba! Hunnam! Kazinsky
Perfect Sense – Ewan McGregor! Eva Green!
Prometheus – Ridley! Charlize! Fassbender!
Public Enemies – Depp!!! Cotillard! Mann!
Puss In Boots – Banderas! Hayek!
Quantum of Solace – Everyone! Often blurry!
Quartet – Hoffman! Connolly! Maggie Smith!
Quiet Ones – Jared Harris! Sam Claflin! Olivia Cooke!

R to Z
The Railway Man – Firth! Irvine! Teplitzky!
Real Steel – Jackman! The Robot Apocalypse!
Revolutionary Road – Kate! Leo!
Righteous Kill – De Niro! Pacino! 50Cent! Kickass
Rise of the Guardians – Chris Pine! Isla Fisher!
The Road – Firth! Mortensen!
Robocop (2014) – Oldman! Cornish! Kinnaman!
RockNRolla – Ritchie! Butler! Newton! Madonna shows up!
Run for your Wife – Dyer! Harding! Van Outen!
RUSH world premiere- Hemsworth! Howard! Wilde! Lauda!
Rust and Bone – Cotillard! Schoenarts!
‘S’ Book Signing – JJ Abrams! Bad Robot!
Safe – Jason! Statham!
Saving Mr Banks – Tom Hanks! Colin Farrell! Emma Thompson!
A Serious Man – Coen! Hurt! Coen! Rush!
Seven Pounds – Will Smith!!
Shame – Gala Screening – McQueen! Strong!
Sherlock Holmes – J.Law! R.DowneyJnr! G.Ritchie! R.McAdams!
The Shouting Men – inexplicably, I never posted a journal for this movie. Don’t worry.
A Single Man – Firth! Hurley! Romanian Vampire Dude!
Skyfall – Craig! Bardem! Dench! Mendes! Marlohe! Everyone!
Snow White and the Huntsman – Charlize Theron! Kristen Stewart! Thor!
Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) – Garfield! Stone! Ifans
Spider-Man2 (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) – Garfield! Stone! Foxx! DeHaan! Webb!
St Trinians2 – Sarah Harding! Her Dress! A nearly all-female cast!
Star Trek – JJ Abrams! Eric Bana! Sylar!
Star Trek Into Darkness – Abrams! Pine! Cumberbatch! Quinto! Sadana! Eve! Urban! Pegg!
State of Play – Mirren! Crowe!
Stoker – Kidman! Wasikowska! Goode!
The Sweeney – Winstone! Atwell! Drew!
The Impossible – Ewan McGregor! Naomi Watts!
This Means War – Witherspoon! Pine! Hardy!
Thor – Hemsworth! Brannagh!
Thor – The Dark World – Hemsworth! Hiddleston! Portman! Whedon! Dennings!
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Oldman! Firth! Hardy! Hurt!
Tintin – DCraig! SPegg! NFrost! JBell! Not SSpielberg though
TITANIC in 3D – Cameron! Winslet! More!
Tomorrow When The War Began
Tormented – People! Other People!
Total Recall (2012) – Farrell! Beckinsale! Biel!
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen – Fox! LaBeouf! Turturro! Gibson!
Tropic Thunder – Stiller! Downey Jnr! Black!
Twelve Years A Slave – McQueen! Ejiofor!
Twilight : Breaking Dawn pt1 – RPatz! TLautz! KStewz!
Twilight Breaking Dawn part2 – KStewz! RPatz! TLautz!
The Ugly Truth – Heigl! Butler!
Up – Literally no (0) cast or crew showed!
Valentines Day – Alba! Kutcher! Topher!
Valkyrie – TomKat! (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes = TomKat)!!
W.E. – Madonna! The Cast
Wall-E – Weaver! Burtt! The Robot!
War Horse – Spielberg and Royalty!!
Watchmen – The whole cast!!
Water for Elephants – Rpatz! Rwiths!
We’re the Millers – Aniston! Sudeikis! Poulter! Alcohol!!!
We are the people we’ve been waiting for -The Fonz Dissed Me!!
What to Expect When… etc – Cameron Diaz! Cheryl Cole!
Where the Wild Things Are – Jonze! and the Kid!
Wild Bill – Fletcher! A 160yr old Countess!
Winter’s Tale premiere – Farrell! Brown-Findlay! Goldsman! JJ Abrams?
The Woman In Black – Radcliffe!
The Wolverine – Jackman! Mangold! Janssen! Others!
The Worlds End – Pegg! Frost! Pike! Wright!
World War Z – failure!
Wrath of the Titans – Neeson! Worthington!
The X-Files : I Want to Believe – Anderson! Duchovny! Carter!
Yes Man – Carrey! Deschanel!
The Young Victoria – Royalty and Cast attended
17 Again – Zac Efron! Eeeee!!

And here’s a calendar!


  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Leeabout 5 years ago

    I love your style when it comes to these premiere shots!

  • Thanks 8)) They do provide a pleasing distraction and I’m always surprised at how generally accessible and pleasant people at these things are!

    – berndt2

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardover 4 years ago

    I’m curious why you write on your profile page that you’re not the papparazzi. is the difference that you’re hired for premieres where papparazzi follow and hover everywhere for a shot?

  • LOL! Nope… I’m not a Paparazzi because I’m a civilian taking photos on a Pentax K10D, and I do it because I have the opportunity (not because I have any particular compulsion to sell any of my photos commercially!) but I do enjoy it a lot

    – berndt2

  • loyaltyphoto
    loyaltyphotoabout 2 years ago

    awesome work mate i love it.