How to Lose Friends....etc Premiere, London

I’ll tell you how to lose friends and alienate people : you cast a movie with Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox, then have a world premiere in London where neither show up. Seriously! Then again, the criteria for me to go to these things is that at least some grade of celebrity shows up, so off I went…

… even though it was dark and overcast and dull and dreary, the results were better than they would have been had I not shown up out at all, which is generally a good thing!

Only 1 of the the 4 people on this poster actually showed up to the ‘World Premiere’. Kind of a shame, since 2 of the 4 are very pretty (sorry, Simon Pegg… you’re not. Thanks for turning up,though!).

No Megan Fox at the premiere. It goes without saying that I was devastated.

Actor Simon Pegg. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was brilliant, while ‘Hot Fuzz’ was exactly the opposite in my opinion.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect this is director of ‘HTLFAIP’ Robert. B. Weide. But I’ve just checked IMDB and he doesn’t really look much like him, so my new theory is he’s flat-out pretending to be the guy just to be part of the premiere. (Damnit, that’s MY idea!)

I’d like to think this uncomfortable silence followed somebody asking Simon Pegg whether this film is actually any good. (Hey, I suffered through ‘Hot Fuzz’ – it’s a legitimate question…)

Simon Pegg doesn’t just owe me $5 like most stars, he sraight out owes me $29.95 because I bought ’Hot Fuzz" on DVD without having seen the movie first… and it sucked!

My keen knowledge of human anatomy and the female form tells me that actress Gillian Anderson is still pregnant…

Author Toby Young, who wrote the autobiographical book upon which the movie is partially based. When I write my similar book, I will also be seeking to include a Megan Fox-style character. Preferably Megan Fox.

White Dress and she was interviewed. Qualifies! (subsequent research reveals she’s American Actress/Model Margo Stilley. I looked her up on wikipedia and she… uh…. oh. Okay, then. Only if you’re over 18, people. She’s in this movie, anyway.

She looked vaguely familiar, and a quick check on the web reveals why. Not only is she the old nurse in Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo+Juliet” but also Professor Sprout in Harry Potter. And half a billion other roles over nearly forty years. AND she got Gerard Butler to come over to the girls near me at the Rock’n’Rolla premiere. Nice lady!

No idea, but she’s cradling some kind of roadkill, possibly in order to turn it into a handbag or purse at a later stage.

Actor / Motion Capture Subject Andy Serkis, who was Gollum in Lord of the Rings and King Kong in Peter Jackson’s King Kong. He occasionally breaks stereotype and plays humans, too.

Just in case you’re wondering – the K10D was maxed at ISO1600 for most of these (hence the grain, and hence more conversions to black’n’white) and even the flash was used from time to time despite the distances involved. It all helps… they should really have these things floodlit!

Next up: nothing for a while, and with the sun setting earlier and earlier in this hemisphere I can see problems with Premiere photography from this point on for many months. We shall see, though. The same criteria apply!

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I probably should post ‘Hancock’, too… that was the first premiere I went to and never made it onto Redubble.

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