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Wall-E Premiere, London

Note : if the photos in this journal are ever missing, feel free to click HERE

I live in London. The rent is expensive, the food is expensive, public transport is expensive… basically, it’s expensive. But (for now) it’s still free to find a queue and join it, and if it’s for the premiere of the lastest Pixar Blockbuster in Leicester Square, then all the better. I mean, I’d gotten shots of Charlize Theron, Will Smith and some Jason Bateman dude at ‘Hancock’ a fortnight earlier…

… more so, it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, it was a mass of people, and a whole lot of celebrities I’ve never heard of (plus two I had). And I had my camera and a decent enough lens. What was I going to do… have lunch?

Not a chance.

Wall-E rolls out onto the carpet. It was a particularly impressive, well-articulated remote controlled device. Either that, or the US military just raised its head and went “Hmmmmm…..”

Getting eye-contact from movie stars is always a bit tricky, so I"m calling this a victory.

Some reporter interviewing Wall-E. I don’t know her name, and couldn’t hear the question (or answer) but I like to think he was defending rumours he’d had an on-set affair with an electric kettle or something.

This kindly old man, who you probably think is your uncle, is actually Ben Burtt, whom millions of geeks would want to hug for being the genius sound designer for all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Oh, and he has no less than FOUR academy awards, plus another five nominations. He’s the voice of Wall-E in the movie.

This is the Director of Wall-E, Andrew Stanton. He’s got an Oscar too, best animated feature for Finding Nemo. He also directed A Bug’s Life, along with having writing credits on Monsters Inc, and Toy Story 1 and 2. He’s probably made Disney a couple of billion dollars.

Poor Sigourney Weaver has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards but is yet to win one. She did, however, utter the immortal line ‘Get away from her YOU B1TCH!!’ in Aliens (1986) (a role for which she got one of her nominations). She got pretty close to the heaving masse in this shot, signing autographs.

Ben Burtt, probably explaining to his interviewer that when he calls George Lucas to say he’s off to Antarctica to record a glacier crashing into the ocean for use as a spaceship sound effect, chances are George will be happy to foot the bill, no questions asked.

Possibly one of best portraits I’ve taken with the mighty Pentax K10D and 50mm f1.4 lens combination. Thanks, Sigourney!!

I don’t know who she is. Just that she’s an entertainment reporter and that the yellow dress she was wearing suited her immensely. Also, she’s pretty thin and could probably stand to eat something every now and then. Just saying.

I don’t know who he is, but if he’s being interviewed he must be someone famous, no?

I don’t know who she is. The gathered fans and photographers may have referred to her as ‘Angela’. The guy on her right was awesome : his deep, loud voice attracted several celebrities, cutting through the screaming teen girls, who were all there for this kid below….

The masses of screaming teenage girls informed me that this was George Sampson, the winner of the most recent series of ’Britain’s Got Talent’. Then they went back to screaming. Really, really loudly.

Again, not sure who he is. But with a dinner jacket over a t-shirt and with hair like that, I’m guessing he’s Beck or a member of Coldplay? I’m also willing to expand my range of guesses to include Nobel Laureates from the field of Physics, if that increases my chance of being right.

I’m not wholly sure who she is. They called her ‘Sophie’, so there’s an outside chance she’s Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who had a couple of UK #2 singles earlier in the decade. And also, it seems, a kid.

And finally, this guy. He’s possibly not famous, but he is a security guard. The thin bald line between thousands of fans and Sigourney Weaver. Actually, no… not her or Ben Burtt or Andrew Stanton, but probably George Sampson. Who wasn’t actually in the movie, but got the lion’s share of the teen girls’ attention anyway.

All up, a pleasant way to spend contorted in among a crowd. Candid photography is more fun when you have specific people you want to photograph, and also more ‘confronting’ because there are people with gear thousands of dollars more expensive in positions much more ‘valuable’ than you. But that’s why it’s fun.

Next Monday (hopefully) the premiere of The Dark Night, the next Batman movie.


  • PJ Ryan
    PJ Ryanabout 6 years ago

    wow, thanx for the ride down the red carpet

    lol i’m giggling at your "I don’t know who he is .. " comments ..

    psst, i don’t know who they are either :D

    Great captures though !!

  • janpiller
    janpillerabout 6 years ago

    Oh very cool!!! I love Wall-E!!!! These pictures are fantastic!

  • Anthony Pierce
    Anthony Pierceabout 6 years ago

    That movie was terrific! My son will love seeing these photos of the “Real” Wall-E.

  • Arlene Zapata
    Arlene Zapataabout 6 years ago

    Nice photo journalism! Beck by the way is blonde w/long hair + lookin’ kinda girlie these days. That dude doesn’t look like any of the Coldplay guys either.

  • Dave Reid
    Dave Reidabout 6 years ago

    nice work on the photo j attempt. i love the black and white stuff well done :)

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzabout 6 years ago

    nice reporting there… u missed your calling… can’t wait for Batman here too… it’s supposed to be on IMAX, which is a must see. Hope you get some awesome shots of the premiere

  • racheli08
    racheli08over 4 years ago

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