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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Premiere - Pine! Knightley! Branagh!

Leicester Square has already hosted two premieres this year, but I was unable to attend both owing to being mid-air for one and wandering elsewhere for the other. But that lax attitude is over, with my first premiere of the year coinciding with my first day back in the office and the debut of my shiny (soon to be un-shiny) Pentax K3.

The temperature was low, my position was dicey, I was getting to know a new camera, and I’d never yet taken a photo of Keira Knightley I’d rate better than ‘okay’.

No pressure, then. Here’s how it went down.

It’s still two hours to go, but (a) I’m alongside the media which could be good news, and (b) it’s no longer pitch-dark at 4pm!! The temperature is also well above freezing (5 degrees celsius I think) and there’s no forecast of rain. This is as good as London gets in January. Outdoors, I mean.

“I can’t sign that. Not because it’s an explicit lyrics rap album, but because I didn’t sing on that one” Amazingly, Keira Knightley is first to arrive and within seconds I’ve already taken a better shot of her than I did in all of A Dangerous Method

Excitingly, there is a low stage DIRECTLY in front of where I’m standing. Devastatingly, it’s been set up so that for all but a few seconds when people are walking up the stairs and realigning themselves, they’re facing AWAY from where I’m standing. It’s not like I haven’t done over 150 premieres and should know better, it’s that I’m kind of rusty at this. It’s been over a month since I’ve had to photograph ANYTHING at more than 5 frames per second!

“Check it out. Redlettermedia did a 1hr slam of the fourth Indiana Jones film and it’s not on youtube : you have to go on their website to see it” Yes, it’s an hour long, but that movie deserves an even longer thrashing.

When I last attempted to take an image of this type, it was Ben Affleck at the premiere of Argo . Fittingly, Ben Affleck has also played the character Jack Ryan – it was in ‘Sum of All Fears’ (2002) which I don’t remember anything about except (spoiler) and the soundtrack was quite decent.

“No, seriously. I think that dude is booking my guy for parking there” Chris Pine cares about parking infringements. And whatever evil The Russians are planning in this movie, I gather.

For whatever reason, this hairstyle makes me think of the hairstyle she sported in the Tony Scott film ‘Domino’, which this looks nothing like. I can’t really say why except the coffee I’m drinking right now is really strong and I’m making odd connections.

“Ladies and Gentlemen and Kenneth Branagh, put your hands together for the triumphant return of Kenneth Branagh!!” I last photographed him way back in 2010 for the world premiere of Thor when I was still back in Sydney, Australia.

Can’t photograph Kenneth Branagh. Must photograph Keira Knightley who, fortuitously is being interviewed right next to me. The number of facial expressions she can pull in a few seconds is almost a match for Reese Witherspoon – both are fantastic to photograph (and my new camera can do 8 frames per second…)

“Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your booing to a minimum for Russian-born actor Lenn Kudrjawizki. Remember, the Russians are our friends now.”

The closest to a glamour shot I was able to manage from my vantagepoint. Which is a considerable improvement on my ‘freestyle rap lyrics’ style photography back at ‘A Dangerous Method’ a few years back.

“So I said to her ’don’t you know who I am? I’m Kate Beckinsale, that’s who!!‘. And sure, I didn’t feel good about lying, but I got a ten percent discount” I kind of wish I’d caught the question being answered here.

Wait, now BROWN suits are in? But I’ll be wearing BLACK to my Brother’s wedding later this year. Why doesn’t anybody TELL me these things? Next I’ll learn that grey Lonsdale hoodies don’t make me look rakish and cool…?

Girl : “Check it out! I illegally downloaded ‘Thor’ onto my camera : you totally directed that!!”
Kenneth Brannagh : “I recognise it. As you said, I totally directed that. And Tom Hiddleston rocked in it. Also, don’t steal movies and don’t hold phones like that when shooting or playing back video”

When life gives you lensflares, make Mono.

I’ve never seen that expression on Keira Knightley’s face before!! … I think they call it a genuine smile? (I’ve seen her pout and it’s pretty spectacular to behold, but a smile is great).

“And you’re sure nobody blames me for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie sucking? Because I totally wasn’t in that one” Actually, I recently watched ‘A Dangerous Method’ and Keira Knightley was quite good in that.

“And you’re sure nobody blames me for ‘Five Children and It’ sucking? Because I was assured nobody actually watched that film” My local CEX has a copy on DVD secondhand and I have no intention of watching it. That said, Kenneth Branagh has been nominated for not one but FIVE Academy Awards. None for ‘Five Children and It’, though.

“That dude with the strange expression and the freakish disembodied hand he controls with his mind are right behind me, aren’t they?” Chris Pine is probably currently best known for playing captain James T Kirk in the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot films, the premieres for which I attended Here and Here

Typical. I never get a spot where my camera gets THIS close to CHARLIZE THERON. Still… Pentax’s resolution at point blank range is good, and the autofocus seems sprightly enough. My own stubble still needs work to get this good, though.

Late arrival but triumphant nonetheless was Gemma Chan who plays the similarly named ‘Amy Chang’ in the film. A quick scan of imdb reveals she has been in numerous movies and TV shows, none of which I’ve watched. I choose not to apologise for the fact that I don’t watch much TV, reality or otherwise.

“They’ve already all gone inside. You might actually have to pay for your ticket to see the movie at this point” Or head next door to the Haagen Dasz. They look to have renovated.

An enclave of pre-teen girls who really should have had a parent or guardian supervising them went into paroxyms of apoplexy at the arrival of this dude, whose name, near as I could tell over the hoarse squealing, was Daniel. I have no idea who he is. Like, at all. But the hair is magnificent and I didn’t see him kick babies or bunny rabbits so theoretically he might not be evil, hence a wholesome role model for your daughter(s). But I can’t say that for sure.

But generally speaking, it’s good to be back doing premieres again.

So…. that’s that. And it’s my first new entry for the year the ever-burgeoning Archive of Movie premieres which I really do need to find another way to organise because I think alphabetical has served its purpose and doesn’t really encourage browsing.

Until next time!!

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