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Only Lovers Left Alive - Hiddleston! Hamdan!

In contrast to yesterday where I stepped off a plane and then went to three premieres (including Drinking Buddies and 12 Years A Slave ), today the jetlag hit and I managed to make it in for the premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive anyway. The list of attendees wasn’t too major, and of those only one person attended. Fortunately for estrogen levels in London, it was the right one. If you’re not a fan of Tom Hiddleston, look away now, but if you are (and who wouldn’t be – I’m a guy and even I think he’s pretty cool), then here’s how it went down.

“No Tilda Swinton? And no Jim Jarmusch? Plus there’s Vampires?? What kind of premiere IS this?” The kind that they needed to remodel the Odeon West End carpet setup for the first time in three premieres for, on the strength of just one anticipated attendee.

It’s actually a pretty cool thing that the mass of Tom Hiddleston fans got the premiere area expanded, and yet unlike other highly loyal fans they do not require much larger and cage-like barriers. Those typically reserved for teen heartthrobs and cult(ish) franchises who need to be protected from their overenthusiastic fans. Here, I felt totally safe and protected, and I’m just a normal guy.

The Man. The Myth. The stylish tuxedo. Jim Jarmusch and Tilda Swinton can stay in the hotel sipping vodkas, because Tom Hiddleston has arrived and he’s got things covered.

Meanwhile, Maryam D’Abo was the Bond Girl in “The Living Daylights”, and the only other time I’ve photographed her previously was another London Film Festival premiere. (I’m sorry. I’ll get back to photographing Tom Hiddleston now.)

Thanks, security dude. (though your sideburns are sensational)

On the offchance you’re not aware Tom Hiddleston has been in such films as War Horse , The Deep Blue Sea …. but more famously he was the villain in Thor and The Avengers

Although she has no discernible connection to this film (correction : she’s Yasmine Hamdan and she wrote two songs from the movie’s soundtrack, and performs on one of them), in any event I’m rather pleased that this lady showed up to lend some variety to my photographs at this premiere. I’m not trying to diminish either Tom Hiddleston or Maryam D’Abo, I just like variation.

“Well, time to look all awesome and stuff” Tom Hiddleston heads off to pose for the paparazzi.

“Sorry lady, but I’m standing here as long as that starburst lasts”

“Nobody insults my half-brother but me.” .

Orange dress on Red Carpet. My camera’s metering might not like it, but I remain positively inclined.

“Loki fanfic, huh? Let’s see who I end up naked with this time”

“I’ll read more fan fiction later, I promise. I just gotta do some interviews first!”

“Thor2? Well, that premiere is next week and I’m hoping to be there. Also, I’m hoping they change all the posters and just call it ‘The Loki Movie’ because… am I right?” I feel sorry for Christopher Ecclestone, who might think he’s the villain/drawcard in Thor2

“OMG it’s…!!!” Yes, it is. Keep moving.

“My daughter wants to marry you. I told her ‘not before I do’.” Tom Hiddleston looks flattered.

“I have a niece, and she’s twenty years old and wants to marry you. Can I at least tell her you’ll consider it?”.


“Well, there’s that guy’s cousin and the nice lady over there and I’m feeling that love, but sometimes I just want to talk about the movies I’m in”

“Okay, I’m only talking to you guys because I’ve been assured by my assistant you don’t have wives, daughters or nieces who want to marry me.”

“By the way, if you can find your way to discreetly get me a copy of that fanfic I read earlier, do so”

“No you can’t have my tie. I need it to look cool and hold my collars together”.

“People, I gotta go in now, but if I didn’t kiss your babies or bless your cats I’m sorry and that doesn’t mean you can’t also do these things. Peace out”

After today there’s still one day to go. I might get some sleep after that.

So… that’s the most photos of Tom Hiddleston I’ve taken probably since I first photographed him at the premiere of Thor back in Sydney in 2010. Hopefully I’ll address that at next week’s premiere of LokiI mean Thor2

Until then, it’s another entry into my Archive of Movie premieres

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final note : some of the better Hiddleston shots are in larger format here on flickr

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