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DIANA world premiere - Watts! Hirschbiegel!

Oh, good : it’s another London premiere – the third event I’ve photographed in three days, and the second world premiere this week, after Monday’s premiere of the new Ron Howard movie RUSH 8)

Here’s how this one went down…

….. as usual, it started with A List of likely attendees.

“I heard Prince sings the soundtrack”
“No, you just made that up”
”You’re right”.

“Remember to take notes – in about five or six years when we need to do a Kardashian Movie, this is going to be exactly the tone of how we’re going to pitch it” Right.

A rather unexpected attendee at the premiere Ryoko Yonekura, who plays “Diana’s Japanese Voice Over” in the film. That’s not even an imdb credit. Still… they had questions written out for her in Japanese. So that the Japanese interviewers could ask her in Japanese and she could answer in Japanese and…. That doesn’t make sense.

OMG it’s Latin American Bruce Springsteen, and this premiere either got very awesome or I just got extremely bored.

Ryoko Yonekura was followed everywhere by two bowing/crouching attendants who were either the world’s worst ninjas, or ninjas very cleverly disguised in business suits to look like assistants

I typed ‘Ryoko Yonekura’ into imdb and she’s actually got a lot of credited roles… but not this movie. The highlight seems to be all 11 episodes of the miniseries “the 35 year old high school student”

I have no idea who this is, but the suit jacket is exquisite. It’s like they covered individual silkworms with highlighter pens and got them drunk and hypnotised them.

Also noted in Ryoko Yonekura’s imdb profile is the 2002 video “Gun Crazy : Episode 1 – A Woman from Nowhere”. Kinda awesome.

Much like Pharell Williams at Tuesday’s “GQ Man of the Year Awards”: , I am not entirely certain about the sociological or archeological properties of “Ian Hislop” (thanks, wireimage) that make him important. I mean…. Latin American Bruce Springsteen didn’t get a mention, and did you SEE his hat?

This man was interviewed by several media agencies and with a getup like this I naturally assumed the director (?) was quite the flamboyant character. Then I noted he didn’t even show up on wireimage either, so the lesson is : spotted handkerchief, white jacket, white t-shirt, white trousers, and you’re getting more than just let into premieres.

Australian author Kathy Lette showed up, for no reason I could fathom. Her handbag was pretty awesome, but as she was all too eager to show it off and I have nothing to gain from such crass commercialism, I’m going to pass. But please buy my calendar : it’s unchanged since 2010 so it’s totally a modern collector piece.

The reason I’m posting this is because it’s the second best photo I took of ‘random waving gentleman, gold tie’ until I learned he’s Cas Anvar, and he plays Dodi Fayed in the film…. He was also in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, according to imdb, which might be having a laugh at my expense. (Also, Ben Affleck’s “Argo”??)

This is the other shot I’ve got of Cas Anvar, as well as the newly acquired knowledge that he’s been working his way silently through Hollywood without seemingly anybody knowing it – he was in Spielberg’s “The Terminal” and “Source Code” with Jake Gyllenhall. He’s also got voice credits in Halo4 and Assassin’s Creed : Revelations. Farq… he probably works in the same office as me as well and it’s going to be really uncomfortable next time we catch up.

The Paps went wild and people were shouting out “Helena” and I only know of one Helena, and that’s former supermodel Christensen. And it’s late and I’m not going to check sources that might contradict my random guess as to who this is.

”Babes, I don’t think this is the Mobo Awards” No, they were on Tuesday, and as previously mentioned I went to the GQ Man of the Year Awards instead.

So I’m guessing THIS is the director? Big bushy afros are totally a director thing. He’s Oliver Hirshbiegel, who also directed “Downfall”, “The Experiment” and of all things the immediately forgotten Nicole Kidman / Daniel Craig “thriller” “The Invasion”

Bald man says : “I have no idea who that man is. But I directed ‘Downfall’ and he didn’t” Wow…. who is the REAL Oliver Hirschbiegel, and will it require an impromptu Rap Battle to settle the matter?

”I shaved the hair because the Afro was attracting too much attention” Totally my reason for doing the same thing also. He’s totally the director and the other is a hirsuited impostor.

The guy on the right who is not looking at me is ‘Naveen Andrews’ who plays Dr Hasnat Khan in the film. The guy on the left I like to think of as the Harry Potter series’ Ron Weasley as he might have been.

Throughout the proceedings, Naomi Watts was at all times surrounded by a gang / clique / posse / troop of three or four women. I have no idea whether they were there for moral support, to pick insects from her hair or take a bullet if the need arose. But they sure blocked a lot of photographic opportunities.

Actor/motion capture legend Andy Serkis dropped by. He and Naomi Watts were heroine Ann Darrow and the ape ‘King Kong’ in Peter Jackson’s “King Kong (2005)”.

”Andy came on set almost every day asking if we’d motion capture him so he could be giant animal of some sort. I sent him on his way”

Naomi Watts’ Obama Squad part slightly and I catch a rare glimpse of the lead actress. I last photographed her and Ewan MacGregor at the premiere of The Impossible

The temperatures in Leicester Square were in the mid/high twenties (Celsius!), and I think just for once in London the ladies at the premiere (like Juliet Stevenson above who is in the movie) had it easier than the suited and jacketed men. But autumn, and then winter, is coming, and those skimpy and thin dresses are going to be the price of looking glamorous. (I can’t wait to air my winter 2013 beanie collection…)

I know, right? 2013 beanie collection… airing soon! Excitement is at fever pitch.

”If I admit it’s the best use of roadkill I’ve ever seen, can he stop waving it at my peripheral vision”? a rare fail by the Obama Squad – all three arranged to Naomi Watts’ left, and none covering her right.

”Mulholland Drive? I don’t remember it. And I watched it again last night, and already can’t remember a thing of it, either” My garbled nightmares have eased since watching it about a year and a half back.

Fortuitous change of position meets fortuitous paparazzi flash and fortuitous natural gait.

Naomi Watts was born in England but grew up in Australia. Her two Oscar nominations mean that regardless of passport, she’s Australian. That’s how we do things down under.

“The movie is called “VNVID”? what a strange title!!"

So… that was event number 3 in 4 days, and BFI London Film Festival is a bit over a month away, so this is good practice. None for a little while now, so I’ll bury myself somewhere.

Until next time – another for the “Archive of Movie premieres”: the last few of which included:

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