Man Of Steel Premiere - Cavill! Zimmer! Snyder! Nolan! Adams!

So despite my scepticism at yesterday’s Much Ado About Nothing premiere and the fact that I had what ended up being a FOUR HOUR photography gig beforehand, I did manage to make it down to Leicester Square for the Man of Steel premiere, three cameras (!) in tow but no umbrella.

Here’s how it went down…

Blue Carpet. Large stage. Two cinemas. And they’re predicting not just rain, but heavy rain. I can’t wait… I think two of my three cameras are fairly waterproof and one of the three cameras has more than half charge remaining on the battery.

No idea who this is. The feeling is mutual, I’m sure.

“Does Superman know any Gang Signs? Fo’ shizzle he does!!” Henry Cavill arrived early and immediately began signing autographs and mingling with fans. Kudos, good Sir.

Henry Cavill looks dapper, but the fan in the background is enraptured beyond words.

“And that’s when me and my girfriend went kite surfing”. Michael Shannon plays the evil General Zod in the film, but he’s looking fairly relaxed right now.

Meanwhile, on my side of the carpet, this fan wants his General Zod figurine signed. I’m not sure of the mechanics of how a pen will write on that kind of plastic cape, but… it does look pretty cool.

“That figure is awesome. I must take it. Violently if need be” And if Superman’s still busily signing autographs and kissing babies in the far reaches, Zod might even get away with it.

“Well THIS looks like a job for….”

“…. actually, I’m pretty sure Batman’s on it. Yeah…. Bruce can handle it”.

Director Zack Snyder and his shirt drop by to do some signing, to the gritty ‘approval’ of his Umbrella Holder.

Superman and General Zod exhange an amicable hug. And probably some trash talk, too.

“There’s a guy over there. Says he loves you”. No, I just love HIS WORK. Big difference, but composer Hans Zimmer to her right is pretty awesome. It’s not every composer whose arrival is LOUDLY announced as he gets out of his chauffeur driven Merc at a premiere. (Most film score composers don’t go to premieres. Which is sad).

Man in front, presumably attempting to hum the Joker’s theme from The Dark Knight. Hans Zimmer laughs, because it’s not really possible. Though it is perhaps commendable.

Christopher Nolan directed the Dark Knight trilogy and produced this film (meaning, presumably, that he kept director Zack “Sucker Punch” Snyder on a tight leash. ‘Sucker Punch’ was pretty hateful.. but to give him his due, I do think Snyder’s ‘300’ was good, and ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ were both great)

Chris Nolan’s got swagger. I still believe The Dark Knight Rises was fundamentally flawed in many ways. (And I didn’t just jump on that bandwagon later : I was saying it on my way out of the cinema). (But I will be saying it quietly and discreetly right now if there’s a chance of an autograph from the man).0

Deborah Snyder is a producer on this film (and indeed most of her husband’s films). The dress is more floral than urban camouflage, but I decided to go black’n’white with it.

Hans Zimmer is about two people away, and he’s moving in my direction! A quick check of my iPod reveals I have 19 albums by Hans Zimmer, vs 21 by composer John Williams (but that includes a lot of the Star Wars and Indy movies…). Def Leppard, though I have albums by them, are some way behind these two leviathans…

Hans Zimmer did end up signing my Moleskine journal (Woohoo!!) and after that met with a fan (?). Good for him. He’s won an Oscar and been nominated for another SEVEN. Cruelly, The Dark Knight Rises was snubbed by the academy, not even earning a nomination (subsequently found out that the ‘fan’ is his daughter, Zoe)

Meanwhile, actress Antje Traue has a tricky name to spell, and plays the role of the no less trickily pronounceable ‘Faora-Ul’ in this film.

David S Goyer wrote the screenplay and co-wrote the story of Man Of Steel (with Chris Nolan – and I’m already glad that this is not one of those “five writers collaborated on this” movies)

“Yo… where the party at?” Sadly, Amy Adams missed much of the good music in the pre-premiere buildup. Lil’ Wayne and Kanye are inevitably played, regardless of film genre.

And then it rained. Much harder.

Amy Adams is Lois Lane in the film – and she’s been nominated for no less than FOUR Oscars in her career as an actress. I didn’t know that until now.

“Green Lantern is outside sobbing inconsolably. You talk to him. PS you’re awesome..”

“But there’s ALWAYS somebody who needs saving. Damnit, my banana bread needed saving last night: where were you?”. You probably put too much or too little flour in. Probably.

Henry Cavill is busy right now, but if you or your bananabread needs saving, call Iron Man. He’s not doing much right now. Superman is busy.

Superman may not be that busy.

No comment. I just like the near-silhouette.

“Green Lantern? I had nothing to do with that, and if they’re putting it into The Justice League continuity… they’re insane. Are you recording this, by the way?”

Praying for box office? That could work but probably won’t be necessary..

And, finally, Russell Crowe arrives late, triumphant, and willing to sign the odd autograph. (Maybe.)

One more of Cavill. According to IMDB Man of Steel is only his FOURTH most well known role… Really? I call this photo Bruce Wayne may be Richer…

Nineteen Hans Zimmer albums on my iPod. Now… an autograph. And on Monday…. it’ll be TWENTY Hans Zimmer albums on my iPod.

True confession? I watched the movie the two days after the premiere, and walked out at the 2hr 10min mark when I realised that after all this time I had no idea who this “superman” was, and didn’t care to. I think this movie is a mess – any chance the sub-standard but well-intentioned plot had of being done justice was bludgeoned into submission by the hyperkinetic Zack Snyder method of direction. I’m not sure about “S”, but on my planet? “F” stands for FAIL. Sigh.

However, the Hans Zimmer score is S U P E R B.
And the premiere was good.

And because of that, it goes without saying that ’ll put it into the Archive of Movie Premieres

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