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OnePhotoPerDay : Dec23-Jan12

When I last posted one of these I was in Australia for Christmas We continue on that delayed theme..

Dec 23rd. Intersection, Camden. Christmas tree not wilting in the extreme heat.

Dec 24th. The motorbike probably has less carbon output than eight or nine methane-emitting vegetarian quadruped reindeer.

Dec 25th. Samyang 8mm lens!! This is going to take some getting used to..

Dec 26th. Thirlmere, and a Bunch of Flamin’ Galahs

Dec 27th. Signs.

Dec 28th. Some kind of late night / early morning

Dec 29th. Menangle. I didn’t do my post-Christmas sale shopping here. In other news : Battleship (2012) – not by any means the worst or most disappointing movie of the year (those are separate categories where I come from).

Dec 30th. Insert vague recollection [here]

Dec 31st. Rounded out the year by watching The Hobbit in Gold Class.

Jan 1st. Free hobbits’ feet socks from yesterday’s screening. Gold class has its privileges (cutting off blood supply not included)

Jan 2nd. I’m still not sure why Sydney is now insisting on putting two logos on the Harbour Bridge each year. Future generations struggling for ideas will curse the wastefulness of our society.

Jan 3rd. The Samyang 8mm gets some W I D T H happening.

Jan 4th. Sydney CBD. Apparently there was some kind of large rubber duck floating in the harbour yesterday, but it was gone by today. That sentence is not entirely made up. I call this photo From Under The State Theatre

Jan 5th. Lengthy startrail photography is a great idea, but not after 11pm when you need to get a photo for the day in before the day ends.

Jan 6th. Kangaroo! (I’m weighing up Aussie patriotism against a good a garlic marinade).

Jan 7th. Taken on a private road, people.

Jan 8th. I could have gone with a photo of my semi-candid response to blue-testicle-chinned contestants of a Japanese game show (and still might) for One Photo Per Day. But for now I’m going with this Cloud City-esque view of Mt Fuji.

January 9th. Flying back in to London. Not the best photo in the world, but I was kinda excited to see The Shard from The Air. And….I wonder when premieres are starting up again..

January 10th. Woohoo! It’s the premiere of Django Unchained Tarantino signed a photo I’d taken of him at Inglourious Basterds, Jamie Foxx wore a Jack Nicholson’s Joker suit, and Samuel L Jackson looked coolly at me. Good times, I guess!

11th January. It didn’t feel like a real premiere without a carpet, security, or Pap pen. But for American Mary there were fans and the lead actor and actress and the twin sister directors. This is the lead actress Katharine Isabelle

12th January. 12th January. London has an Agatha Christie memorial? Since when?

So.. that’s another one. Until next time!

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