The Hangover III premiere - Cooper! Graham! Helms! Galifianakis! Bartha!

I’ve come a long way since I was a wee lad, photographing the first Hangover premiere back in the dim murky depths of 2009… and now it’s the third, apparently final instalment.

“No, seriously guys. Buy one of these and you’ll be as cool as Bradley Cooper” . Damn, and I’d just spent up big on Zach Galifianakis tank tops. Two hours to go, and I’m going to be looking at that benignly smiling face for both of them…

One hour to go, and Reporter Lady has just realised that her plans to successfully propose marriage to Bradley Cooper will be undone if just one journalist in a wedding dress gets to him at the hotel first.

“I say don’t draw attention to it and see if anybody mentions it”
“Agreed. It is a lovely floral design. It should stand on its own”

“I’mma pose here for two, maximum three minutes so you can all admire me. Are we cool?” The man, the myth, the slicked back hair – Bradley Cooper has arrived.

Bradley Cooper will reach into the crowd to dispense blessings on the assembled masses, but his security guard won’t like it.

The boyfriend holding her up has not yet realised that there is no way that allowing your girlfriend to see Bradley Cooper with her own eyes is going to end well for you. (Or so I theorise).

Justin Bartha was the groom in the original Hangover. And Nicolas Cage’s sidekick in two National Treasure movies. And pinstripes are totally back, if indeed they were ever not.

“For your information, the density of rabid Bradley Cooper fans is lightest over there”
“Over where?”
“The Burger King across the road”

“Dude, is that your hand on my chest?”
“No man. I’d need two left hands and odd-coloured suit arms to do that”
“Oh, right”
Todd Phillips wrote and directed all three Hangover films.

Actress Heather Graham momentarily stops to enjoy the trailer for the movie she’s in

The photographer on the left is trying to remember whether he really watched Lost in Space (1998) purely for Heather Graham, and if so whether that’s cool to admit to her or not.

As for me, I didn’t really watch Lost in Space (1998) only for Heather Graham. (Bowfinger (1999), on the other hand..)

“Sign my phone! Or…. look over here! Or… something!”

(N) “My assistant and I are practicing our identical finger wave meaning ‘not now please’. Hope you appreciate the work we put into it”

Zach Galifianakis : “The giraffe from the trailer wasn’t hurt in that scene. It was actually not a giraffe, it was two goats surgically stitched together. They suffered horribly…”

Ed Helms. Still owes me five dollars.

Ken Jeong is the psychotic Mr Chow in the series, but also (I feel) really elevated the third Transformers film with his presence as well.

Several of the cast on the main stage. One is wearing a dress. Sadly there were no plastic flamingoes to go with the palm trees and faux ’Vegas style.

“Actually, this is both a premiere and an intervention. Ken, you need to lay off the mint julep tea.”

“I don’t have a problem. YOU GUYS have a problem”

“… with my little eye, something beginning with ‘Z’. No, that’s fine. I’ll wait”

“I’d like to thank all the people who proposed marriage to me this afternoon. It’s only my strong religious beliefs and the law that prevent me from saying ‘yes’ to each and every one of your offers. Also, I’d like to remind you that Ken Jeong is married, and his wife is here, so bear that in mind.”

Bradley Cooper tosses pen out into the crowd. Kills four, injures seven. Survivors grateful.

“and even though it’s only Wednesday, joining me here on the stage are : THE SATURDAYS!!”

“Seriously, one of them is going to find that joke hilarious and invite me to the afterparty. Let’s just wait and see which one”

“I’m just going to check my twitter feed and see. Hold on, Justin…”

(N) “I’m kind of busy signing autographs here, so I’m going to have to ask you to come up with an excuse for me as to why I won’t go out with you. Let yourself down gently”

“I’m not signing that. Bye!!”

“Okay, I’m back, and I can hold this pose for another three, maybe four minutes”

(N) “You got ninety more seconds. Make the most of it”

“Joke re : Satdayz hilarlz. Callme”

So… that was another one, and it dulls the pain of having missed the Fast and Furious 6 premieres because I was in Sydney… and the Great Gatsby premiere because I was back in London. Until next time!!

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