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One Photo Per Day 13Nov-2Dec

I’m still slowly going through these. It’s a nice warm late April where I sit, and here I am trying to re-live last November…. (good times?)

Nov 13th. Hugs. Former Dr Who David Tennant at the premiere of Nativity!2

Nov 14th. The final Twilight Movie gets its premiere and I get unaccountably super-lucky with my late-arriving spot that wasn’t technically in an official pen, but was actually a side-street with a neat angle facing the main stage. The photo above was taken after that, when I realised it might have appeared to be all over, but the main screens were showing an image of the Odeon balcony. Quickly shifted my position. Took more photos. High-fived His Excellency, the former Yellow Cap Guy, on the way out (metaphorically. he was having an argument with somebody about something). As for the movie? I have no intentions of paying to watch it.

Nov 15th. The third London premiere in three days is the least well lit and the one I had the worst position at. This is Isla Fischer at Rise of the Guardians , and I also photographed composer Alexandre Desplat. Actually, correction : I photographed the pretty lady next to him, later learned he’d been at the premiere, and fortunately had been walking with the pretty lady. (True Story) (He’s been nominated for five academy awards but is yet to win one : hang on there, Mr Desplat!)

Nov 16th. Close Encounters.

Nov17th. Happy Vomiting XMAS (it’s what the little Marmite Kid is doing into his conical hat… well done, commercialism)

Nov 18. And Happy Carnie Christmas from St Albans.

19th November. Naomi Watts at the premiere of The Impossible . I’ve been told I took an even better shot of Ewan McGregor … but… but… Naomi Watts!

20th November. Space Invader, off Oxford Street.

21st November. Worth braving the bone-chilling wind. I call it West of Waterloo

22nd November. Once I spotted it, all I had to do was wait….

23rd November. St Pancras train station.

24th November. Still loving those cheap firelighters. Chars your fingers doing this for fifteen minutes, but the shots are pretty worth it.

25th November. St Albans has Christmas markets? How did I not know this?

26th November. Got my new prescription sunnies. They’re the same as my old prescription sunnies, except matte black with green lenses instead of bronze with brown. Looked around for the coolest thing to pose with. Cherry Dr Pepper with The Avengers’ Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury on it, apparently. (In my defence, I’m single)

27th November. Once again, worth braving the bone chilling wind AND occasional rain for.

28th November. Cold.

29th November. *Cold*_ER_

30th November. Nothing much to add.

1st December. Christmas Shopping, and Big Brother says SPEND.

2nd December. That be frost…. and I be wanting coffee.

So… that’s another three week(ish) slice of my life. I’ll see how I go on in December (I mean.. it’s the past. I KNOW how I go in December. But still…)

What happened the prior three weeks? I hear you ask?

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