One Photo Per Day Oct23-Nov12

It’s been a while since I even feigned alarm at how far behind I am at posting these – it’s now April 15th the following year. But I am still doing this.

(If you need a refresher, I last posted at the conclusion of London Film Festival )

23rd October. The giant World and Royal premiere at the Albert Hall for the James Bond film Skyfall was not a small intimate affair. That’s kind of why I like this shot of Daniel Craig in between his three walks to pose for the assembled Press Photographers. My position, based on the illogical idea of only showing up about 2 hours beforehand (when others had camped out for days), was surprisingly Superb. I call this photo (and another that’s different to it) You know his name

24th October. Well, if it’s on the side of a bus, I guess I’d better go watch it. Tickets bought for this Friday. I’ll hold off on buying the Swarovski merchandise. For now.

Oct 25. International Life Magazine is out! I’ve got a two-page spread (feat. The Hoff and JCVD!!) (I just take the photos, I don’t actually choose them!)

Oct 30th. The company IronKey has rebranded itself “MarbleCloud” and my mobile phone company is no longer T-Mobile but “EE”. No offence to marketing people out there, but my definition of ‘rebrand’ is “I’m dull, boring, smell bad and have no friends. Maye I could fix that by calling myself ‘Steve’ instead?”. You’re all morons.

Oct 26th. The end of daylight savings has ended all premieres’ chances of being during daytime. But the mornings are (temporarily) bright again.

Oct 27th. It’s totally autumn. And in other news, I have a tax debt.

Oct 28th. Watched not one but THREE movies from my unwatched DVD pile. Most noteworthy thing about Roland Emmerich’s Shakespeare-themed ‘Anonymous’ – quadruple nested sequential flashbacks (present day → 1600s → ‘five years earlier’ → ‘forty years earlier’ before settling on 40 years later). Unprecedented. And weird.

Oct 29th. It’s the Pride of Britain Awards and while I’m not ordinarily proud nor British, I went. It rained and was cold, but Professor Stephen Hawking attended. Totally worth it.

Oct 31st. Nun. In background. Skateboarding. Also photographed violinist Andre Rieu. But.. you know. Nun. Skateboarding.

Nov 1st. People touching a monolith on Tottenham Court Road. I expected they’d be picking up femurs and beating the crap out of each others’ skulls, so I left. (2001 A Space Odyssey reference in case you’re wondering)

Nov 2nd. “Tracks your All-Day Activity”??? Yes, because I my government doesn’t already monitor everything I do, I’d really like to PAY NIKE to do the same. wtf? Democracy really will die to the sound of thunderous applause if we keep this shit up.

Nov 3rd. Blackout in St Albans. Me – Panic? Not so much….

Nov 4th. Anthropomorphism, yo. In other news, the St Albans Poundland (sign above door : “Everything One Pound”) is selling Sex & The City Perfume. For 5.99. Twice the betrayal…

Nov 5th. Remember, remember, th…. actually, remember to take the photo early enough in the morning when there’s nobody around to freak out at a V for Vendetta mask.

Nov 6th. Diamonds are forever, but planning your street art font size is also important.

Nov 7th. Cameron Diaz, at the Gambit premiere . I might have gone with Alan Rickman, but his pornstache frightened the children. And me.

Nov 8th. After months of gripping predictions about the hair-breadth tightness of the US elections, Obama won easily. Stand over there with the meteorolgists, please, so-called ‘experts’.

Nov 9th. Former headquarters of Wisden, near Leicester Square. Wisden is like the Greys Sports Almanac of…. cricket almanacs. Except now it’s got an Asian fast food takeaway place situated in its former offices.

Nov 10th. Leaves? Becoming scarce.

Nov 11th. Leaves

Nov 12th. Lights.

So… until next time I remember to post one of these!

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