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One Photo Per Day 2nd-22nd October

It’s been ages since I updated with shots of Dakota Fanning and cigarette lighter fires and stuff…. but rest assured I’m still taking one photo per day even when there aren’t any premieres. (Though, in the case of this journal – lost of premieres. It’s London Film Festival time!!)

2nd October. Took a day off a-wandering. The thought of buying a GBP380 print of “Jedi Queen” by Don appealed, but nowhere near enough….

3rd October. If this is some kind of construction thing, then I think it’s cool. If it’s some kind of Art thing though, I’m IN.

4th October. Voss Norwegian Mineral water. So awesome that it’s 35x more expensive per mL than the cheapest bottled water at the local Tescos (!). That said, it’s still cheaper than bottled water at any given Australian cinema..

5th October. Uninteresting.

6th October. It’s been almost a month since my last premiere, and if things don’t improve soon I’m going to have to resort to more self-portraits or more cigarette lighter photography…

7th October. Autumn. It’s coming like Christmas. But before that….

8th October. Camden, and Evil descends and Starbucks’ seasonal Pumpkin Spice lattes are remarkably nice.

9th October. Did I mention I’ve self-published a one-off book of my premiere photographs? Well, I did!

10th October. And finally : it’s ON!! London Film Festival! This is Director Tim Burton at the premiere of Frankenweenie to kick off the week(ish) long event.

11th October. Actress Zoe Tapper assists in the capture of a pretty awesome paparazzi starburst. Also, it was raining. Extra points for her not insisting on an attendant holding an umbrella. London Film Festival Day 2 : Blood

12th October. No premieres, but Mr Brainwash is back! His new exhibition is much like his old exhibition, but he was there for the (re)opening. He even signed a fake can of spraypaint for me..

13th October. Elle Fanning at the premiere of Ginger and Rosa . I didn’t do so well with photographing Marion Cotillard at ‘Rust and Bone’ but Elle Fanning was probably going to be photo for the day anyway. She was awesome in Super8, I feel.

14th October. A well-stocked fridge? Not so much. Orange capsicum is somewhat photogenic, though.

15th October. Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Smith argue about who’s going to queue for Popcorn and Choctops at the premiere of Quartet

16th October. A very chilled Bill Murray at the premiere of Hyde Park on the Hudson. For some reason I never posted a journal for this one. Oh, well.

17th October. The Mighty, Mighty Ben Affleck at the premiere of his film Argo (he saved us all in Armageddon, people…). London Film Festival is starting to take its toll though. Both on me…. and my laptop harddrive… and battery recharging regime.

18th October. Mick Jagger at the premiere of Crossfire Hurricane I’d put this up on Redbubble, so it’s your move, Bravado International.
(Update : They got redbubble to take it down)
(Hey A5$HOLES – it wasn’t even for sale, how do you figure I’m earning any money thus stepping on anybody’s right of publicity?)
(And hey Redbubble, how about REPLYING TO counter-notice EMAILS?)

19th October. Choice of 4 of 5 Star Trek Captains in the same frame together, OR William Shatner as “Shat-In-A-Box”? Tough call, but … Shat-in-a-Box, then. I’m all for classy (desperate) composition.

20th October. Not a premiere – just a dog at the weekly street market in St Albans. Got permission for this one. The dog was kinda cute.

21st October. Helena Bonham Carter at the premiere of Great Expectations And just like that, London Film Festival was over for another year. But don’t worry – people are already queueing for Tuesday’s Royal world premiere of Skyfall

22nd October. The days? They’re getting shorter. The queues for tomorrow’s Skyfall premiere, though? Longer. I should be there by “insanely late” o’clock under the circumstances.

So.. that was another one. I’m about five months behind, but that happened too 8)

So.. that was another one. I’m about five months behind, but that happened too 8)Until next time

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