London Fashion Week - 2013

Just because I’m a guy, and somebody who prefers photographing movie premieres for my event photography , doesn’t mean that when the London Fashion Week circus passes by twice a year I don’t head out to see if I can find anything interesting to photograph. And generally speaking, if you’ve got a DSLR and wear it with some comfidence, you can even approach the various peeps, freaks and wannabes and get them to pose for you in the hope that you might be able to further their ambitions.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the kind of person they want. But still… if they’re going to let me in, I’m going to take photos. An hour or so after work is generally an amusing way to pass the time with friends and (odd-looking) strangers.

Here’s how it went down.

Day 1. Location : Somerset House. One of the few times where carrying a DSLR makes you feel like you’re respected (yes, even a Pentax). Even regardless of how dodgily you might be dressed.

And – WOW – I’ve already found some fashion I can legitimately lust over : Marty McFly Back to the Future Part2 Power Laces Nikes. 1500 were sold at auction back in 2011 and even now they’re over GBP2500 for a pair on ebay.

[muffled] : “GOTHAM…. take control of your city. But remember to look fabulous whilst doing so”

Animatronic Polar Bear? Because London Fashion Week, that’s why.

“Actually, If I’d known it was fashion week, I would have worn a suit and tie. Because I’m a nonconformist, duh

If you’re good-looking and walking around Somerset House, chances are you’re going to be asked to be photographed by some dude wearing a small dead bear on his head.

“Well hello down there. I see you’re wearing… is that a black thinsulate beanie?? Oh, I am so sorry.” If you’re wearing a tie-pin like that, then I guess I have to take your criticism seriously.

Random celeb and starburst. I’m not that good with celebs at the best of times, but in the fashion world? If you’re not Kate Moss or one of the two Jays who used to be on America’s Next Top Model, I’m sorry you’re just nobody I can visually recognise.

“My Ticket? Damn… I can’t even remember if this thing has pockets…”

Day 2. Wore the glasses to protect his own identity.

George McFly had started to hang with the wrong crowd.

I think you can get away with wearing something like this at London Fashion Week if it’s worn ironically. But I fear this is not being worn ironically.

Okay, well if it’s now an established trend, then I’m definitely going to SpecSavers on Monday and finding out whether you can get prescription versions of these.

I’m totally going out and buying a sketchbook and drawing stick figures of the models and clothing next year.

Smoking is, like, really really cool. (Also, bad for you).

Hedge Fund Manager Chic?

Good news. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is THE expression on catwalks this year

Abject terror is the other. Seriously, lady, Pentax is TOTALLY a legitimate brand

Meanwhile, this is the man with the greatest chin in the world. If he was Batman… you’d KNOW who Batman was.

Queen Amidala during her ‘wild’ years.

Day 3. Asymmetrical Hat. Tricky to walk through crowds with, but gotta love

Joke’s on that guy – his camera doesn’t even HAVE an optical viewfinder. (Like a pet, a camera isn’t just an accessory, Fashion People)

Structural engineering noncompliant? Even so, it looks impressive.

Of course looking like a rich Russian Oligarch’s daughter is fashionable at every London Fashion Week.

Had to leave it there and head to The Premiere of Stoker

Day 4 : Had to skip it in favour of the Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas Premiere

Day 5. Small hair envy?

Wat…. Really? And now my camera ALSO has body issues. Thanks for that, fashion week.

I’m not the go-to guy on matters of fashion, but I’ll opine that Leopardprint can work… in black’n’white.


Wait… you’re saying if I wore socks that long and had a white jacket, I could also rock a black beanie??? but I don’t have socks that long…

… and I think it’s fair to say I’m spent.

So…. I guess that’s that, and I suppose that I’m still unlikely to get an official invite into the next LFW? Very well, then. Back to Premieres


  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneabout 2 years ago

    Lots of fun to be had, by the looks, and no lining up for hours in the rain!

  • No queueing and No rain — it was indeed a great time to be out and about. I love premieres, but in a lot of those you don’t have this much freedom (and then there’s the waiting… and waiting…!)

    – berndt2

  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreeabout 2 years ago

    lol! died laughing a thousand times :)
    great pics and so love the comments!

  • Russ Styles
    Russ Stylesabout 2 years ago

    ..another great set of images and commentary…WTG mate.

  • goddarb
    goddarbabout 2 years ago

    What a world. Amazing sights! small dea bears and pocket(less) ponchos! wow! Love the hats. You must have had a blast!

  • micklyn
    micklynabout 2 years ago

    Absolute BRILLIANCE – loved this post!!! You’re genius, you are, and your captions are just perfect!!!!

  • Valerie Rosen
    Valerie Rosenabout 2 years ago


  • viennablue
    viennablueabout 2 years ago

    an enjoyable browse through LFW, excellent :-)

  • Margybear
    Margybearabout 2 years ago

    Amazing photos and amazing commentary, what a lovely insight!

  • Georgie Hart
    Georgie Hartabout 2 years ago

    Hahaha fantastic post, love the characters and commentary!

  • redtree
    redtreealmost 2 years ago

    Fashion, turn to the left…. turn to the right… ooo Fashion!

    Sorry. I’ll shut up.

  • 8)) LOL

    – berndt2