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I’m not really sure what I think of Redbubble anymore. When I took a 6mth+ hiatus from 2014/2015, I likened it to feeling like Redbubble was North Korea, except all my friends were there. Kinda evil, but not so much if all my friends are there. And they’re nice.

Now I’m seemingly back… because my friends are here. And they’re nice.

I’m not sure whether this development says more about me than it says about Redbubble. I think I liked the site better when it was able to draw a better distinction between art/design and photography. Sure, they know where their bread is buttered and I fully, totally, 100% respect that. But you’d wonder why they don’t realise the value of what they have (had?) in their photography communities.

I mean… just because you’re Nissan, making really quirky environmental cars and urban SUVs for kind of strange and old people doesn’t mean you can’t also make kick-ass GT-R racers that embarrass Porsches and Lamborghinis on racetracks. Which they do. And maybe there’s a whole bunch of marketing people at Nissan wishing they had a more ‘singular’ design ethos and more comfortable ‘niche’… but to date the decision makers there seem comfortable with just being really good at whatever they do, no matter how disparate and seemingly unrelated those things are.

People are complex. Weird how a site dedicated to art – of all things – seemingly can’t quite get a handle on that!

I hope they figure it out.

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Photos from the X-Men Apocalypse Premiere

Last week, I had a rare (but not unpleasant) three events in three days I was able to photograph. On the Sunday, it was The 2016 TV Bafta Awards , on Tuesday it was Alice Through The Looking Glass but the big one was on the Monday – the cryptically and enigmatically titled "global fan screening’ of X-Men : Apocalypse . / I’m not the hugest fan of the franchise (but then aga…
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Photos from the Captain America : Civil War European Premiere

The ordeals, trial and tribulations I had to go through in order to experience the European Premiere for Marvel’s “Captain America : Civil War” would require too many viking poets to adequately collaborate on, so I’ll be brief here and put the larger full-length journal here on my own premieres website in case you want to similarly suffer. I mean… uh… enjoy. / …
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Photos from the 2016 Olivier Awards

Hello, / and for the third year in a row I felt more than comfortable showcasing my abject lack of knowledge in all things theatre related. I’d done the Oliviers in 2014 , and the Oliviers in 2015 … and here I was again at the Oliviers in 2016 / The larger sample of shots and commentary is on my website here / but here’s a sample of some of the more noteworthy shots: / #AngryM…
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photos from the 'Batman v Superman' European Premiere

Although I don’t always post them on Redbubble, I’m still going to London Premieres whenever I can and posting them on my ‘home’ site of www.premieres.co . The most recent Very Large one was on 22nd March, for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice . This is just a ‘teaser’ subset, the full journal is located HERE / Early morning setup. The posters are about 1.5 t…
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