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I don’t upload a lot of my portraiture to Redbubble -but here is a small sneak peak of some recent work. -I was once told, “You are only as good as your last assignment.” Which is a piece of advice I very much take to heart because I want every assignment to be my best work. I have a love for people that is disguised as a love of photography. -I think this just goes to show that my best form of communicating my love for something is through my photography.

Berisme to Amber

For the past two years with redbubble my user name has been Berisme (which is still my user name) but now my display name in my name! At first I was reluctant to use my name because there are so many Amber Williams(s). (not sure how to write that). Anyway, I will still be using Berisme every now and then.. -But not every Berisme is me (ugh). Any links I have are linked to my website in some form or another. -If you have questions about the user name and a certain website feel to ask me.

-I wish I did not have such a common name…. I mean there is a facebook group “My Name is Amber Williams”


DSLR Pinhole.

Being the poor, financially unstable college student that I am… I can’t afford nice lenses just yet. I did some reading and made the body cap a pinhole camera.…

-For those of you that want to do this make the hole for the pinhole as small as you can because that will make the an image of what you would actually see in real life, rather than a blur of color or reflections. Or you can experiment with multiple holes or different shapes. I had multiple holes and one large oval one. The size of the hole works just like aperture/ f-stops… the smaller the hole (larger the number) the more is in focus; the larger the hole/smaller the number the less is in focus.

For this last image I used the same body cap but put black foam over all the holes and made a new hole in the foam about the width of

Detroit Adventure 11-21-09

It can go without being said that the state of Michigan is not doing very well in the economic food chain. In addition to that Wall Street Journal (Online) stated that Detroit, Michigan is the “Abandoned Building Capitol in the World”. Me being the photographer -with what I would like to think is an adventurous side, went with one of my best friends and my dad to Detroit.…

We left home at 7:30am and got to Detroit about 10:30(ish) am. We explored our first couple buildings from the outside. Then drove around to see what else was abandoned. My friend, Nina, jumped to excitement when we found and old motel that was lacking a front door and sat behind open gates (we didn’t actually want to do any breaking and entering; breaking being the keyword there). So we went inside. The windows we

My Year Goal Accomplished the weekend I made it!!!

This past weekend I participated in an Operational Readiness Exercise with my Base.
I had quite a few successful photos. When I come home from class I sometimes get on the Defense Imagery website and study the photos. I told my roommate last night that it was my goal to be featured on that page!

Today, I got my wish. One of the photos I took this past weekend was featured today on the home page of the Defense Imagery website as well as the Department of Defense Flickr!

Here are links to some of my recent successes.{0B79...

(in the second link- my photo is number 7 of 14 in the slide show)

Little Brother's Snow Day

My younger brother was home from school because he had a snow day. He is only about a year younger than me, and my freshman year of high school people constantly asked if we were twins (despite the fact he was a year behind me). We didn’t say much to each through out the day; we just minded our own business for the most part. Which was nice because it did not interrupt me from the book I was really getting into. He went downstairs to the basement to take his clothes out of the dryer. I heard muffled yet loud, “Ouch! Ouch! OUCHH!”

My first thought was that he hit his head on the rafters of the low ceiling, or that he managed to make the dryer fall on him somehow. I jumped up from my book, "Are you okay!? Whats wrong?‘’ I didn’t care enough to go down the stairs to check on him, but I…

Ice on the Ashes

This was also written for my piece, Ice on the Ashes—But I thought it would make a good journal entry too…lol…

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. This picture does not tell everyone the same story that it tells me. This picture is truly about life and death.

Before I left for boot camp, I thought it would be fun to get everyone together to go tubing down the Mohican river and have a cookout later. After we paid for the tubing trip, we went back out to the car to put sunscreen on each other’s backs. Then we walked down to the river to pick up our tubes. We debated for a little while which tube we all wanted.

One by one, we each stepped into the cold water and made ourselves comfortable in the “floating donut”. After we got a little ways down the river, we threw a water frisb

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