Having embraced my calling as an artist at an early age, I set out to live my life as a work of art. I have worn many hats and trod down many paths which have informed my experience and consequently my art. I am currently living in Turkey, fulfilling one of my dreams and working to realize the many other dreams I have imagined. I resonate with the archetype of artist as shaman/wounded healer, but with a post-modern spin. This means that I have managed to turn my obsessive-compulsive tendencies into a functional addiction to image-making, to which I must turn to in order to alchemically blend my experience with pen and brush and thus create my own little sanctuary amidst this insane world, or else my sometimes brave attempts to take space in this monkey house will drive me over the edge. Please come visit me at my blog and my online gallery: click here to visit my blog
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  • Age: 44
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