Is It Possible to Schedule Spontenaity?

Focusing on one work at a time would probably be the ideal way of dealing with my workload, but I am not doing that. I currently have about 15 projects up in the air, ranging from logo design to exterior murals. In an ideal dream world, I would be able to work on them all at once. But, with the physical realities of being one person and existing within 24 hour days and all, the need to manage time more effectively has made itself known to me. With so many project deadlines, it is difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time, but it is also tiring to work all day doing some work to lots of projects and not seeing completed works as quickly as I would like.
A good question to ask myself, it seems, is why don’t I do what I know is good for me? I know that I need to manage my time more responsibly in order to get work done, but I also know that part of what I do requires some down time to dream, imagine, feel, observe, and so on. When I am in such a state, it is easy to lose track of time and not do the work that I have scheduled. In fact, at this very minute, I have a drawing that needs to be done and delivered, but I am writing this instead. I am well aware that the drawing needs to be done, but I feel that I need to write, to organize my thoughts.
I often wonder if other artists have a similar conflict and, if so, how they deal with it. I would love to have a discussion about ways to handle this and become more effective.

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