Back for work! :o)))

My sincere apologies to all of you who commented on my pics, emailed me and/or waited more or less desperately for responses over the last weeks and months. As some of you might know: my dear old laptop (well, not old, rather new… damn) was broken due to a very unhappy love affair with a glass of wine.
But here i am, back working on several new pics, with a very power- and wonderful new computer.
I’m glad to be back again!
Cheers to you all. I missed RB very much. And almost more than everything I missed working on my pics.

Another little update... :o)

Hi there,

just to keep you updated and to show my gratitude I wanted to announce my latest feature in BRYCE & BEYOND, one of my dearest groups (I HAVE to say that as I am completely addicted to Bryce… lol):

This totally made my day!
Now I can retire. ………… noo. Just kidding. ;o)
There are plenty images to come – since I am browsing through my archives (mostly pics of 2010), as I usually do, and I am constantly discover pictures not posted here.

Thank you, Julie!! :o) ♥



Featured member ...

… in the BACK IN BLACK group!!!! :oDDDD

… which makes me very proud, because this is – in my eyes, at least – one of my favourite groups here on RB. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of B&W pics!
Of course i love strong colours too – I love pretty much anything … but the reductiveness (don’t know if this is a real word – but it sounds good ^^) of black and white has the certain something.

A big thank you to the group’s hosts.
And see you later! :o)



My heart & another feature ...

Hi there, my bubblefriends!

Last week, after long, long weeks, months and, yes, almost years of troubles I have been finally diagnosed with a light case of myocardial infarction. Of course, with “finally” I don’t mean that I wanted it to happen – but I expected it for a long time. It’s not THAT severe – but I think of it as a warning shot. The whole “prologue” can be read below that new picture of mine:


Now for something completely different:
My pictures receive features on a daily basis (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^), so I don’t know if it makes sense to publish a second part of my “Features so far”-journal… anyway, there are still features that need to be singled out. It’s ten days too late to mention it, someh…

For those who haven't seen it yet...

Hi there,

I recently posted a visual overview of my not-yet-written story/novella/novel “The Flight Across the Three Universes”. Eight chapters or eight highlights…

Tell me what you think of that story and if it needs to written. :o)

Flying Cities

Utopia City Dawns #1

Utopia City Dawns #2

What’s hiding there beyond the wormhole?

Alien Beings of Light / Outer Spaces

Worlds Apart

Fortune’s Landing

The Floating Gardens of Balresha 9 / Remembrances

Enjoy! :o)


Features so far...


After a very uplifting day – or rather one-and-a-half days – full of features I thought it was just about time to present an intermediate result here.
With a whole bunch of understatement: I am quite happy now! :o)

As I can estimate it correctly, I am now featured in 13 groups. See below for details. (I may be wrong about that, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I remember – in fact -MORE features than assembled on the “Work featured in group”-page… Could that be true?? Is it possible that some features are deleted, for whatever reasons?? Just mentioning…)

By the way: looking through the messages of the last few days, amongst them I kind of discovered an overlooked permanent feature in BRYCE & BEYOND.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait