Featured member ...

… in the BACK IN BLACK group!!!! :oDDDD


… which makes me very proud, because this is – in my eyes, at least – one of my favourite groups here on RB. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of B&W pics!
Of course i love strong colours too – I love pretty much anything … but the reductiveness (don’t know if this is a real word – but it sounds good ^^) of black and white has the certain something.

A big thank you to the group’s hosts.
And see you later! :o)




  • mermanda
    mermandaover 2 years ago

    Yaaaayy!! Congratulations Benedikt!! ;)
    P.s. You do sound like an adorable bullshitter ;)

  • adorable = sounds good!!!! :o))))) (especially from you… ahem… lol) ♥
    bullshitter = ?? hmph……
    i don’t know if i should be delighted about this or not. don’t call me a b. i don’t wanna be one or thought of as one… :o////
    anyway: thank you!

    – Benedikt Amrhein

    JUSTARTover 2 years ago

    great, congrats !!

  • thank you sooooooo very much, sylvia!!!!
    the support of all of you at RB means SO much to me – sure i long for my first sale here (who doesn’t?), but your kind comments and your kind support are in fact more worth than money… at least in my eyes…

    – Benedikt Amrhein

  • June Ferrol
    June Ferrolover 2 years ago

    Congrats!! :)