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For those who haven't seen it yet...

Hi there,

I recently posted a visual overview of my not-yet-written story/novella/novel “The Flight Across the Three Universes”. Eight chapters or eight highlights…

Tell me what you think of that story and if it needs to written. :o)

Flying Cities

Utopia City Dawns #1

Utopia City Dawns #2

What’s hiding there beyond the wormhole?

Alien Beings of Light / Outer Spaces

Worlds Apart

Fortune’s Landing

The Floating Gardens of Balresha 9 / Remembrances

Enjoy! :o)



  • ZinaImage
    ZinaImagealmost 3 years ago

    Sounds like a video game Benedikt, well worth the effort of writing. If you can feel the story within yourself, go for it! Think of it as you would your art.