Something-Something-Tober: A 31Threads Retrospective

Oh, hello again! I didn’t see you there. I suppose while we’re chatting I should mention that, if you didn’t catch it last month, you can see the latest instalment of my ongoing design challenge (this was the 6th one in 5 years – yikes!) at 31Threads 2015 wherein I design a new t-shirt every day for 31 consecutive days. Thanks for looking! Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or just buy one of everything! :p

31Threads 2014

Oh, hello there. What’s 31Threads? I’m glad you asked……

31Threads is a challenge I started way back in 2011, a time when Hurricane Irene was ravaging North America’s east coast, The Book Of Mormon won a Tony award and the world fell in love with Pippa Middleton’s posterior- the challenge was to design a new shirt every day for 31 consecutive days. The task turned out to be both as harrowing and rewarding as a burrito from a one-armed street vendor. Unlike said burrito though, it gave birth to a stack of really cool t-shirt designs + a fair share of reasonably terrible ones and turned out to be a lot of fun. To that end I continued 31Threads a further 3 times and have just begun this year’s, to which I now invite you to cast your peepers.

So, with ado being in no way furthered, I give you 3

31 t-shirts in 31 days

I invite you. gentle viewer, to cast your ocular orbs on 31Threads, a self-imposed creative challenge to design 31 t-shirts in 31 consecutive days, starting August 1st, 2013.

Here’s the first week’s threads:

And week two:

Week three:

Getting close! Week four:

Home stretch!

Thanks for watching, it has indeed been swell.
The End.

Girls, girls, girls

This year’s Miss Diamond Pin Up Pageant is almost here! My job, other than designing these delightful posters, is to sit at the judge’s table with a scotch and a score sheet and watch as a bevy of beauties take to the runway in all their vintage inspired finery. It’s tough work but somebody has to do it, right?

We had a blast last year and this one looks like it’s going to be even better. New digs, more contestants and more even entertainment. So, if you find yourself in Ipswich, Qld on the 29th make sure to drop in, it’ll be a helluva show!
Event info @ Facebook

See more pics from last year’s event here

Another fresh serving of t-shirts

It’s been eight months since the last 31threads t-shirt challenge so I figure it is about time to serve up another fresh batch. Once again, the challenge is to create 31 t-shirt designs in 31 days, starting July 1st, 2012. I invite you to watch as I panic on day 15 when I completely run out of ideas, be amazed as I turn obscure pop culture references into commercially unviable graphic tees and generally have a bit of fun along the way.

Here’s a little of what happened last year

You can also follow the action on twitter & facebook

And here we go:

Fresh t-shirts, served daily.

Today marks the beginning of my 31Threads t-shirt challange. Basically, the premise is that I have to design 31 tshirts in 31 consecutive days… Let me tell you, that’s no mean feat- though on second thought no “feat” is ever really that easy. I had my first crack at this in May, had a blast and figured I’d try it again for the sake of pushing myself creativly. A little masochistic perhaps at times but ultimately rewarding.
So, gentle viewer, I invite you to join me this month on a t-shirt odyssey! As always, any comments and thoughts are more than welcome and I hope you enjoy the show.

Here’s the rest from the first week:

Seven down, twenty-four more to go!


31THREADS: a tshirt odyssey

Monday marked the end of the 31Threads promotion. The challange was to design a new tshirt every day of May, 2011. In therory it was an exercise in creativity, an opportunity to work sans brief and just create… In reality it was a pain in the ass: a battle against a dying laptop, dodgy internet connections and epic hangovers (okay that last one may be my fault). Not that it wasn’t positive though, I’ve probably designed more tees than I have in the past year, there will of course be an eventual cull, but I’d like to think some of them actually turned out pretty well too.

Find links and whatnots here

A farewell to the Bell Street Blues Jam (cheap shirts)

So after 14 months of kick-ass music the Bell Street Blues Jam has finally come to an end. Now, rather than just merch, these t-shirts are a retro, historical homage to an integral moment in blues history… Or something.
All the Bell Street Blues Jam Shirts have 10% knocked off the price

Here’s a video of one of our first jams with multi award-winning blues legend Wiley Reed on keys and a plethora of damn fine musicians

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