Hey, my name is Brenden. I’m a hobby photographer from Kenora, Ontario. I have been interested in photography for the past 5 to 6 years, but i have only doing personal photography in the past couple years. My photography has been based off of all the nature around kenora, and some little tidbits around home.
For videos I have my own Canon powershot 1400(had used a 700, and 1100 in the past), and I have use of a Nikon D80. Right now im saving up for a nicer camera of my own.
I took courses on photography all throughout highschool, getting the chance to work with Pentax k1000’s, which are wonderful cameras. I have some skill in black and white photography and the development process that comes along with it.
I also do the odd basic edit on a couple pictures, but i like to keep my photo’s like the way they were taken.

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On the other note, I also do poetry. I started around December 23rd 2009.

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