Selected Stories

Then they all ate poison berries, and died The thing is, I really do want to tell you about the snake milking. I wasn’t there, so I can’t be sure I think the dog got away. Venter loqui If you can horrify a carny, you must be doing something right. There’s an elephant in my story I have never liked her. red sugar Some girls just stick in your throat, and you can’t wash them down. the book of blood and snow She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that. poison & sunlit fur You’re down to three pills a day. Swallow She couldn’t stop if she tried. The secret things you know This is the story I won’t tell you. the freckles on my fingertips Stories trail behind me like the hem of a beautiful gown, and I point my toes as I stride. the kohl girl & her lime pips I’m allergic to purple and terrifying to Virgos. the kohl girl & her mermaid tattoos My hobbies are wig spotting and eating red fruit. The kohl girl and her Finnish banjo Why do the freaky ones always look so damn good? her favourite fraggle Dr Archer says there are no creatures this is a song about honey And tails. baskerville old face I like your font. that little storm was you The verdict of a tequila woman. one green word That’s all I need. those fig mornings I tend to look away from you. I tend to blush. red poppy song We know better. to the year of water off my back I saw written on my palm / One word coconut & dirt I’m going to hurt you tonight / In three delicate ways songs of spine & salt brush my hair aside / & read the stories in my bones Six word story #1 One kiss.