Photographer, Writer, Mother, once-upon-a-time Aspen Ski Instructor, Deliberate Wanderer, Forever Stargazer and ardent Yoga Teacher. I also work here at Redbubble as your friendly neighborhood Community Manager.

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Interview with Artist JeffJag

If you have a chance, please stop by and read this interview with artist JeffJag in our Community Blog. / He does fascinating work and I’m sure he, like all of us, would love the feedback for offering us a chance to have a deeper look at who he is and what is art is all about. / Jen
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Darth Vader - hooooooch whooooo? or whoooooooo haaaaaaa?

I started this forum here… but, a few tumbleweeds bumbled by so I thought I’d add it here too :) Add your comment here, add it there… add it anywhere! Ok, well, actually, please don’t bubblemail people saying “whoooooo haaaaaaaa” or… well, you might get reported. / It’s recently come to my attention (like 2 seconds ago) that there really isn’t…
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Spooktacular Instagram Challenge!!!

Booo!!!!! Did I scare you?? Probably not…. journals lack the element of stealthy sneakiness…. which I assure you I have in abundance :) / I just wanted to let you know that we are running a ‘Spooktacular Instagram Challenge’ over here on the Community Team page (I’m on the Community Team in case you haven’t figured that out and wonder why I keep shoving challen…
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Embrace your Inner Tough Girl

What? You’re a man? Ok… well, maybe just shake hands with your inner tough girl (yes, to your horror she’s probably in there somewhere) and don’t make direct eye contact ;) / I’ve heard so many stories about women having out and out battles with their inner… errr… umm…. (said in a hushed tone… bitch). My inner B and myself are good friends al…
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