I’m new, very new, so advice and comments mean alot, thank you.

I have zero experience, I have no idea and I have no technique, I pretty much wing it. Me in a nutshell.

Photos hold on to the things, your mind sometimes forgets.

My new camera, I’m competely inlove and will live happily ever after.

I’ve got my mind set. It’s what I want,
2012 is when it will start happening for me, so right now I’m just waiting. I don’t think time could go any slower. Anticipation is a killer.

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My brain functions....

If you’re expecting some well written piece of work with never ending rhetorical questions and philosophy, click the back tab ASAP. / This is just a whole lot of useless jargon. / My treadmill is probably the love of my life and on other days my worst enemy. / I need to ring my Nan, I hate to say it but now that she has started to ‘lose it’ a little bit she is way more fun to talk t…
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