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As an artist working across a variety of processes, I am
particularly interested in locating the figure in landscape and space, sometimes blurring the boundaries between the two. These visual entanglements move through images of dolls, slowly dissolving still life objects and the vintage bride.

I have worked for over twenty years as an arts educator and this experience has found its way into my approach and processes.

In 2014 I am exploring encaustic art. It is an interesting journey still in its experimental stage.

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I have been in a serious slump. Someone was kind enough to call it a “necessary fallow period”. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am happiest and most involved when painting portraits. / Yesterday I put an advertisement in the Yellow Pages and when they phone to try and upgrade me I am going to put in “Portraits by commission”. Wow, this is scary stuff!
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So excited!

I just won a Challenge in Printmakers and Printmaking group with Big Mumma and they have featured 4 other works. Woo hoo! / Haven’t worked out how to add a picture to the journal yet.
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More features and a challenge winner!

Yesterday I was considering selling up all my art stuff. Can’t seem to get anything right or the motivation to keep trying. / Then I got two features and won a challenge! All in one go! Very encouraging.
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A feature in Oil Painting Group

My painting ’The Quest" was featured in a display “Standing Tall”,
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