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When you think of all the obstacles a little bee has to go up against… hungry birds, pouring rain, having to fly miles to find that perfect flower, knowing that your only defense against those who would harm you is going to rip your guts out and leave you to die an agonising death (so what was the point FFS?)…

They really are the adrenaline junkies of the insect world….

I am slowly conquering my fear of bees, and learning to appreciate them for the little miracles they are :)


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  • Kitsmumma
    Kitsmummaalmost 6 years ago

    They are little miracles aren’t they. Gorgeous work Rhana, appears you’ve mastered the world of macro.

  • I am still very much the padewan Sylvia, but I’m having a hell of a lot of fun with the little worlds so it’s all good xxx

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Paul Tupman
    Paul Tupmanalmost 6 years ago

    Wow.. this is fantastic… so much detail in this, you can even see the sots of pollen on his eye. Fantastic DoF here.. the detail just jumps off of that wonderful background. Love your description too… just what is the point FFFS? Hahaha…

  • You know Paul, even when I was Bee Scared, I always felt sorry for bees and felt the creator had paid the ultimate cruel joke on them. Like here, I shall give you this mighty weapon to inflict pain and suffering upon those that would smite you. Bad new is, in utilising this defense it’s going to kill you.

    Poor bees, they’re fucked either way!

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Stuart Chapman
    Stuart Chapmanalmost 6 years ago

    Once again you big steely eyed lens opens up to minature world and lets us see a side that is normally “just a flower”.

    Your new batch of images featuring playtime with new lens remind me very much of the minature world in the locker for Men In Black, where life exists in front of our very own eyes but we never look to see the detail.

    And detail → I’ve never really noticed the antenna siz on a bee before in proportion to its head. That would annoy the hell out of me, having them getting in front of your eyes tipping your head forward and making you fly into the floor – no wonder why you never see them fly in a straight line.

    I’m no Bee doctor but he wants that orange growth on his leg looked at too!

    But I do love the lighting and the softest of depths bringing the out of focus flower into pin sharp detail and out to the back of beyond.

    You also seem to be conquering your many fears through photography too (spiders, bees, heights – how do you ever go out during the day?)

  • STuart, I have often though of that scene in MIB since I’ve been working with macro, how freaky is that? I know bees and flowers are cliches, as well as having BEEn done to death, but it’s all new for me.

    And NOW I realise why bees can never fly in a straight line… Its those damned ANTENNAE!

    I caught this little guy while I was actually photographing the flower for my (yes you knew it was coming) Spring Flower calendar. I didn’t manage to get the flower shots right, so this bee was my bonus score =)

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellalmost 6 years ago


    I have to say, that my eye is so caught up with the background…it is as though, the bee is caught up in a honeycomb fantasy…..where nectar is readily available.


  • How damn cool is it that you noticed that!!!! I do lub joo girly girl ((hugs))

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Paul Tupman
    Paul Tupmanalmost 6 years ago

    Tis very true Rhana… but perhaps their brother may live another day without bother. :-)

  • blamo
    blamoalmost 6 years ago

    incredible macro .well taken

  • Thanks for stopping by Blamo ;)

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Geoff  Coleman - Landscapes
    Geoff Coleman...almost 6 years ago

    …not to mention an endless succession of bloody macro photographers sticking their house sized lenses in the poor little critters faces and, worst of all – having to look at bloody flowers all day every day. You are right – who’d be a bee with all that beeshit to have to deal with.
    Ah, that feels better (puts nasty Geoff back in his box and brings out less nasty Geoff – hey that’s as good as it gets with flower shots right) – now I can say what a stunningly bee-autiful shot this is – how can you compose so brilliantly in such a small frame while chasing a moving object the size of a, well, bee is bee-yond me. You are astonishingly talented my dear.

  • Geoff, (both good Geoff and nasty Geoff) the reason it has taken me a while to get back to your comment (aside from the fact that I am only RB’ing in the ads of The Fringe) is that this bit of your comment…

    …not to mention an endless succession of bloody macro photographers sticking their house sized lenses in the poor little critters faces

    …made me decide to work up another of my bee images just for you. I have discovered bees are lovers not fighters, and faced with the situation above will always choose to Bee Gone

    – Rhana Griffin

  • AlexMac
    AlexMacalmost 6 years ago

    brilliant macro of the bee, I used to be so scared of bee’s but had to get over that fear fast as my father is a bee keeper…now i hunt down bee’s in every flower haha

  • You dad is a BEE-KEEPER??? Thats some insane career choice right there… no wonder you were afraid of bees! I went hunting bumblebees this afternoon, you know the big fat fuzzy ones that look like cuddly toys?


    – Rhana Griffin

  • Andrew Bosman
    Andrew Bosmanalmost 6 years ago

    He’s certainly got a load of pollen on board! Exceptional detail Rhana. Great shot.

  • He had BEEn working hard Boz! ;)

    – Rhana Griffin

  • Andrew Bosman
    Andrew Bosmanalmost 6 years ago

    Stop BEEing silly Rhana…..

  • But dont you think my silliness is very BEEcoming?

    – Rhana Griffin

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