Michelle Kempf

Michelle Kempf

Springfield, United States

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This is all my father’s fault.

Growing up, we would travel the US as a family (my mother is from San Diego and my Dad from Ohio… it made for many cross-country trips, usually by car). Dad always packed along his camera and would merrily pull over to the side of the road if he saw something interesting so he could snap a picture – or 10.

Gradually, I realized that the best way to prevent boredom in these moments was to join him and thus was my love of photography begun.

These days I enjoy photographing mainly animals, although you can count on me always having a camera ready when I’m traveling – just like my father.

My photography habit is currently being funded by a job as a language teacher (Latin and Japanese) in a small midwestern high school. It competes for my time and money with a love of horseback riding, tea, and Crossfit.

I love comments and truly appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you for stopping by!

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