Art Education : 1977-78 Introductory course Brighton Polytechnic, Brighton,England; 1978-79 worked with Herbert Plomin, photographer, Hamburg, Germany; 1979-1982 Diploma of Visual Art, Canberra School of Art, Canberra, Australia

Exhibitions: Group
1980-82 Canberra, ACT, Bitumen River Gallery,
1989-95 Altona, Victoria, Annual Qenos Art competition
Canberra, Bitumen River Gallery, a solo exhibition in 1982.
2006 cause-art exhibition Belgium and Ecuador

Works in Australian National gallery, Prints Section
private collections Australia, England, Japan, USA

Since 2000 have mainly worked in Photoshop

My Zazzle site is here

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The Camera Lens Mug

Thought some of the photographic people here would find this interesting, anyone thinking of buying a coffee mug? Not sure if this is recycling or very clever plastics, should startle a few shoppers in Coffee-beautiful Melbourne, Look no further, have no economic interest in this venture, but gifts of such always appreciated, hahahahaLOL. / “Just a week ago, we walked into our local cafe, a…
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