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Keen photographer who first explored this medium in his teens. A ten year military career followed (in his 20s), followed by a relatively ‘hippie & naturalist’ lifestyle (in his 30s). Now in my 40s, things have a nicer balance. 5 years ago i invested in some nice Nikon digital gear to capture native bird images around Australia. I still do but in recent years have applied my photographic ability into the model/glamor, alternative rock band, macro nature and general photography fields! I have also had periods in my life, often very introspective ones, where i feel compelled to write. 1994 was a big one for me and i sense some writing is ahead of me also.
My day job is a humble store man, and this income helps support my creative life, and the travel it entails. I love fine Australian wines and good food, all sorts of music (live and recorded), birdwatching, reading, travelling, mountain biking, keeping fit & great conversation.

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genesis 1

Well Hello Red Bubble! / Another brilliant networking concept gains my attention. / Duplication of effort, sometimes necessary. / Anticipation, similar to constipation. / Excitement, tempered by actuality. / Faith, in my integrity, creativity, though I cannot truly create. / For nothing is new under the Sun :)
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