Barbara Wyeth

Barbara Wyeth

San Francisco, United States

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As a photographer, I am delighted and amazed at the detail I can get by scanning objects directly. For a while now, I’ve been working with flowers and plants from the garden behind my building on Russian Hill, and with beautiful specimens from the flower shop where I work. My background is in traditional photography and hand-tinting, but I admit to the thrill of seeing these wonders of nature so lovingly rendered on my iMac screen!

I also like to break away from the computer screen and sketch, usually flowers and natural materials, always humbled by the unmatchable beauty and intricacy of nature.

My latest obsession is the camera feature my iPhone. The ease of carrying this incredible devise in the palm of my hand has opened up new ways of working and made me more prolific and spontaneous. Now to the editing!!

Thanks for checking out my work and please respect it by noting that all my images are copyrighted.

  • Joined: October 2009