Revenge is Best Served Cold

The Police Station of Marianna Square was buzzing with an unusual amount of activity for a Wednesday afternoon; all day long people had been coming in and out asking excited questions and receiving no answers. It was rumoured that the Chess Set Killer had finally been caught and was being held inside! In fact, or so the rumours stated, Detectives Sanchez and Mitchell were interrogating them at that very moment and would have a signed confession in no time! However, from where the two Detectives in question were sitting the confession was the least of their problems. Understanding how a quiet woman like the one infront of them could one day snap and decide to kill thirty-one innocent people, now that would be a challenge!

“Ms. Rodriguez? My name is Detective Elizabeth Mitchell, and this is my partner Detective Frank Sanchez. We understand that you wish to confess to the recent murder spree that’s been plaguing our fair city?”

The woman’s cold brown eyes bore holes in Detective Mitchell’s own, “Detective the ‘murder spree’, as you so elegantly put it, is hardly a recent development. I have finally finished what I had set out to do and in doing so have decided to give you all a break and turn myself in. After all it took twenty-two murders for you to notice the Chess pieces I left behind!”

“We would have found you eventually Ms. Rodriguez.” Detective Sanchez muttered sulking in his seat, he was a very young detective.

“Oh I highly doubt that my dear Detective.” She flashed him a coy smile before continuing to taunt them with her brilliance. Having had enough of the two bickering Detective Mitchell cleared her throat and reminded the woman why she was there. “But of course Detective, where are my manners?” She graciously nodded her head in Detective Mitchell’s direction. “My name is Sarah Emilé Rodriguez; I am a thirty-eight year old mother of three grown sons from Atlanta, Georgia, to be more specific, Marianna Square. I own and operate a hobby shop located next door to this Station. I am the Chess Set Murderess and in the last six years I have put thirty-three people out of my misery.”

“Thirty-three? There have only been thirty one killings…” Detective Sanchez interrupted.

“Yes Detective, thirty-three. I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t interrupt me further or else we shall be here all night and I will not have explained myself fully.” As she spoke Sarah reached down beside her chair and brought a small suitcase like briefcase up and onto the table. “As I was saying, I have caused the deaths of thirty-three people. My motive has never faltered, nor has my thirst for what was owed to me, my method of execution, however, has been never the same twice. I say execution, detectives because that is what these murders truly were, Executions.” She snapped open the case to reveal the solid wood Chess board with a single Maple Wood chess piece, the White King. “I left the board with my father in his hospital room, and the king with my mother in her apartment. That would be thirty-three, Detectives.”

The sun was shining today, so Sarah lifted her weary face to catch as much of it’s warmth as she could before entering the cold dreary hospital, where her father was being treated. Today would be a good day, she was sure of it. At the front desk on the third floor she had to show proof of who she was before the Secretary would give her his room number, the large bouquet of flowers that she had cradled in her arms didn’t help matters much, as it hid most of her pretty face.

She was here for a reason, and one reason alone, to visit her ailing father. What did it matter that he had disowned her all those sixteen years ago, condemning her for things that were beyond her control? Nothing, they meant nothing, she reasoned with herself, the man was ill with a severe case of pneumonia and it was her duty as a daughter, claimed or nay, to ease his suffering in any way possible. She paused only for a moment outside his door before walking into the room like a child hiding from Santa Claus, every footstep carefully measured to reduce the amount of sound it made upon landing on the tiled floor. Sarah stood at the foot of the bed and took a look around until her eyes lit upon its magnificent being. On his food tray stood, set up as though waiting for the next challenger to take a swing at it, her father’s prized Maple and Crimson Rosewood Chess set. She did not know which annoyed her
more, her mother’s absence or Antique game board’s presence!

Sarah placed her lilies in an empty vase and placed it were it could clearly see the evening’s sunset, and then turned to face her father. “Oh just look at you Father, so weak and frail. How pathetic!”

There lying on the bed lay her father, he had been sleeping until she started to speak, “Sarah?” he coughed as he struggled to awake. His thick Spanish accent even harsher as a result. “Why have you come? I did not send for you.”

“No Father, you did not. I came by my own free will to tell you goodbye. We shall not see each other again after today.” As she spoke, Sarah put on a pair of latex gloves followed by a pair of leather ones.

“Are you leaving the country?” Her father asked with a hopeful gleam in his dulled blue eyes.

“Me, Father? I am not going anywhere!” She laughed and pulled a sterile syringe out of her purse, removed the cap and filled it with air. She walked slowly, as if taunting the once oppressive man, to his I.V. line and inserted the needle, “Goodbye Father.” She removed the empty needle and waited for the bubble of air to reach her father’s heart and kill him, when it finally did she waited just long enough so that the doctors would be unable to revive him before running into the hallway and calling for a doctor, ever so discretely disposing of the used needle as she went. About an hour later she walked back into the room and liberated the Chess board of her handcrafted pieces.

A chill of repressed excitement crept slowly down Sarah’s spine as she watched the drug she had slipped into her companion’s drink finally take effect. It was steadily easier for her to hunt down her victims; the Police still had not found any connections between her previous executions! In the past three years she had already executed over half of her long list. It couldn’t possibly be that hard to notice there was a Chess piece of superior quality was left behind at every crime scene! Not only that but each victim was missing one of their canine teeth? They were still looking for twenty different killers! What a laughable idea! When it became painfully obvious that her companion had had her fill, Sarah paid for their drinks and help her climb inside of her 1992 White Sudan. They drove in silence for about an hour before Sarah finally pulled into the parking lot of a large landscaping supply store.

At the very back of the outside compound, the store kept its leaf blowers, riding lawn mowers and their heavy duty wood chippers. So naturally that was where Sarah half-lead, half-dragged her semi-conscious companion. “That should do it Ellen, now you stay here while I get the chipper ready Alright? Good!” It took Sarah all of thirty seconds to find the on switch and manoeuvre it into the on position, then another five for her to change into the spare burgundy coveralls she had borrowed from a nice man she had met inside the main show room. She knew that this execution would be a messy one for sure. Once she was all set Sarah walked back over to where she had left Ellen and marched her over to the chipper. “Ellen O’Brian, you have been charged and convicted of the serious crimes of felony harassment and deliberately endangering the lives of my children. You sentence is death by wood chipper, may God have mercy upon your pitiful soul.” With out any more warning, Sarah pushed Ellen screaming into the wood chipper. It what seemed like no time at all that was left of Ellen O’Brian was the sliced and diced mush that now filled the collection barrel at the expelling end of the chipper. Being very careful not to breathe as she worked, Sarah shifted through the ground meat until she found Ellen’s canine tooth.

Sarah removed the coveralls and placed her right rook where all could see it upon the hub of the wood chipper, then set the coveralls aflame using some excess fuel she had siphoned from one of the riding lawn mowers. That made twenty-two down, eleven to go.

A Priest… of all things he could have done with his life he had chosen to become a Priest! It was bad enough that she had already executed a Nun, but a Priest? Well if the low life scum sought redemption from his sins, then who was she to do nothing to aid him in his soul searching quest? She would make certain that he met his maker… very soon. However, this did complicate things a tiny bit… Sarah ran several possibly ways of executing a Priest through her mind before she noticed her youngest son, Ferdinand, had walked in the shop with two cups of steaming coffee from the Starbucks just down the way.

“Mom? You’ve got that ‘Sorry I’m not here right now, leave a message and I’ll get back to you later’ look again. What’s up?” he asked as he handed her the decaf.

“Oh I have a shipment of Antique wooden model trains and hula hoops coming in at noon, but I’m not sure where I should put them.” Oh how she hated lying to him, but the truth would probably kill him. “So what brings you by today my son?” They spent the next couple of hours just shooting the breeze before Ferdinand realized that he had promised some friends that he would dine with them that night. After he left and she had sorted through the new shipment of toys, Sarah closed up shop and went to make her first Confession in over twenty-three years.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” She started as she sat in the little Confessional booth.

“Tell me of your sins my child…” The Priest on the other side of the little screen replied.

“Father I have been having impure thoughts some of the people in my life, I fear that these thoughts have lead to the deaths of thirty three people…”

“Now child, why would you think that?”

“Because Father Gregory Norman, they, very much like you, have sinned against me and my children. So I have executed them accordingly.” She whispered as she brought the sharpened crucifix she had brought with her and stabbed it through the thin wall between her and the unsuspecting Priest. He made no sound as he died, no death rattle, no blood curdling scream, nothing. An intense feeling of relief washed over Sarah after she removed the crucifix from his chest, pulling with it his very heart. “What was taken from me I now take from you Father.” She placed the blood soaked crucifix, the black bishop and his now cold heart on the little bench infront of her and left the confessional and church.

A week later she turned her self into the Police and pled guilty to thirty-three counts of murder in the first degree. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection by a horrified judge and jury. Sarah now sits in a cell on death row waiting for her own execution; only her youngest son ever visits her.

Revenge is Best Served Cold


Oshawa, Canada

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This is a Short story I wrote a couple of months ago, it has potential to become a novel, much like Angelfyre’s Diary of a Pschopath, however obviously different. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions just ask me, I am more then happy to anwser them! Enjoy!

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