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Bronwyn or James? (Chapter Two)

“I’m home!” Bronze called to the silent house as she unlocked the front door; she didn’t really expect an answer but old habits die hard. She drooped her duffel bag by the door (another old habit), fished out the new mission file and read over the file again as she headed to the staircase.

“Agent Bronze I presume?” Some one called out to her as she passed by the kitchen.

Bronze spun around to meet the potential threat. “That would depend on to whom I have the pleasure of speaking…”

“My name is Fange Wolfe, but you may call me Fange if it so pleases you.” There was a man sitting at her kitchen table waiting for her. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves and a matching eye patch over his left eye.

“I see… and you just felt the need to let your self in my house through the kitchen window?” The window above the counter on the far wall was slightly open and there were slight smuges on the glass close to the frame where it had been pushed open and carefully closed.

“I felt it necessary to avoid the confrontation of trying to reach you through the traditional means. You see the matter I wish to address is somewhat of a private one and I would rather not discuss it with anyone but you, Agent Bronze. I have heard great things about you.” He said only slightly fazed by her observation skills.

“Mr. Wolfe would you excuse me for a moment. I need to do something before we have this discusion.” Bronze said glancing at the clock somewhere behind his head, she had the strangest feeling of familiarity surrounding this man.

“But of course,” He responded with a nod. Bronze returned the nod and then hurried up the stairs to the office Spike had decided to give her. Once there she slipped the mission file into the small safe under her desk, then opened a vent behind it in the wall.

“Annebelle sweetheart stay hidden ok…” She whispered into the vent then reclosed it.

“So Mr. Wolfe, how can I be of service?” She asked him as she ushured him in to the spacious office.

“You could start by explaining your current career choice. I have it on very good authority that your father went through hell and high water to keep you away from the CEI. And you go and join them…” Fange started irritably.

“And what pray tell do you know about my father Mr. Wolfe? Agent Silver did not have many friends shall we say and did not feel the need to devulge in sharing personal information, even with those people he laughingly called family. So please do tell me what Agent Silver did to prevent my discovery of the CEI?” She asked coldly the pieces falling into place, “Mr. Wolfe if you would like my help then I suggest that you start telling me the truth, and the whole truth. You can start with your real name, and then why you are here.”

“You know damned well who I am Bronwyn and I tried everything, everything to keep you away from these people!” He yelled at her and removed the eyepatch.

“Again Sylvester, the truth would be nice, for once.” Bronze retorted calmly but coldly, her suspicion “I sincerly hope that your other alias have been better then the last few. Sylvester Weeks, Benjamin Tweety, and now Fange Wolfe? Oh very clever…”

“Bronwyn I have never lied to you in your life.” Her father said courtly.

“Oh? You just did. How did you find me Sylvester?” She asked him coldly.

“It was not easy, and for that I should congratulate you. Why on earth did you go with Bronze? Of all the Code names to choose from…”

“The same reason you chose Silver. Why are you here, and better yet why does the CEI want me to keep my eye on you?” She asked as she reached under her desk and retreived the new mission file from her safe then slid it across the table to him. “After all we don’t track dead men…”

“What?” Sylvester picked up the file and quickly skimmed it, he was amazed at all the information the CEI had managed to accumulate on him. “How did they get all this?”

“It’s been a while since you were an agent, almost twenty-four years by my count. A lot has changed since your time, including out methods of gathering information. you would be amazed what some of our tech officers can do with a good computer. By the way, rule number 332 of the ’Spy’s Handbook’ Junior Level; ‘To pass by unnoticed one must blend in with the croud, mimiking it’s sounds and sights.’ To be invisable be visable, or hide in plain sight. Every rookie gets this drilled into their heads until their ears bleed! Now why are you here?”

“Can a father not check up on his only daughter when ever he pleases?”

“Not when he is supposed to be dead, no.” She took the file back from him and locked it back away under her desk.

“How’s your mother?” He decided a subject change would probably save what ever was left of this disasterous conversation.

Bronze gave him a strange look, “You mean you don’t know?”

“Know what? Where is she Bronwyn?”

“About six feet under. She died Sylvester, about a week after I was brought here.” She told him softly, “There was a fire and she got trapped in the basement.” Sylvester paled as Bronze went on to discribe most of what had happeded since they last saw each other. The only parts she felt she needed to leave out were her mission specs’ and a few other completly irrelivent subjects. It took the better part of two hours for her to finish her tale and by that time her ‘Cats’ had gooten hungry and decided to try to grab her attention by softly knocking on a wall. “Damn! is that the time?! Uhh… stay here I will be right back.” She quickly stood and left the office.

His curriousity getting the better of him, Sylvester waited a few moments before following his daughter into the hall way. There was Bronze a few feet away talking to a little girl, and naturally the moment he actually stepped into the hall, she pointed to him and asked in a thick African Accent, “Mama, who’s that?”

Bronwyn or James? (Chapter Two)


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Ok Now it’s finished, well the chapter anyway!

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