The Glossary for Love and Piracy

Augo – a Marshezien year; equivalent to six Earth months

Bari – a type of heat resistant tree found only on the planet Camasi; usually no more then three feet tall, covered in small spines where other trees have leaves

Benton – Astro physics in Universal Tongue

Bog trees – a large tree that grows in a bog; similar to a Weeping Willow tree; mainly found on Marshez around dops

Bogzo – a small winged insect; similar to a butterfly; found primarily on the planets in the Zeon System

Bonzin – a type of flower; similar to the Tulip found in numerous planetary systems throughout the Universe, believed to have originated in the Zantos System and dispersed through trade policies

Changiform – a set of clothing that is remote controled by a specially designed wristband, namely the chamelband, to change into any other imaginable article of clothing; usually a two piece set, capries and tank top, always silver in colour, only for women

Chamelband – a specially designed wristband, usually in a set of four (Two wristbands, two anklebands; only one controls the suit, usually the left wristband), to control changes of the Changiform uniform

Claustrophobia – fear of being confined: an irrational fear of being in a confined or enclosed space

Crag – 1. female dog: a female dog, or the female of another related animal such as a fox, or of another carnivore such as a ferret; 2. taboo term: a highly offensive term for a woman that deliberately insults her temperament (taboo insult); 3. something difficult: a difficult thing or situation (slang) (often offensive); 4. complaint: a querulous nagging complaint (slang) (often offensive)

Cryo – Universal currancy; currancy that is used through out the universe; although most planets do use their own currancy with in their planetary bounderies, the cryo is the only currancy accepted by the Zazi Merchants and unbiasedly by all systems and Empires

Dais – similar to chicken eggs, usually scrambled

Deah – guts; moral fibre ect… in Universal Tongue

Difoxide Thirty-two – a incredibly corrosive crystals found mainly in the Nekkin system

Dogin – a flower known to induce sleep; similar to the Poppy in appearance, found mostly in dessert regions of many of the Zeon System’s planets except for Zeon Mu Omega, and Zeon Kappa Omega which do not have desert Regions

Dop – a crystal clear lake or pond found primarily on Marshez, highly unusual because of the planet’s marshy surface

Engras – late morning in Marshezien

Forgras – afternoon in Marshezien

Frendey – Friday in Universal Tongue

Gelfor – a tiny insect with an extremely fast heart rate found primarily on the dessert planets of the Vexos System

Gips – pig in Camasien

Gynz – a highly offensive term; similar to a swear word that starts with a F and rhymes with duck; Frist Appeared in use in 2436 AT, by the infamous Space Pirate Fabien Kaviler when cursing the crew who mutenied against him before he slaughtered them all while on shore leave.

HELL Stream – abbreviation of Helios Ellipse’s Level Lateral Stream, the top speed that any Interstellar Spacecraft can travel, causing a stream like pull behind it as it travels, pulling small meteors and satellites in their wake

Hurein – a fowl simliar to chicken

Kos – shit in Universal Tongue

Lort – bastard in Universal Tongue

Neist – North-east in Marshezien

Nog – dumb-ass in Camasien

Oasis – a tavern or bar in Universal Tongue

Oasis Keep – a bar tender

Portmen – a gas attendant or boarder attendant usually on Space Stations and Ports

Reemy – scary in Camasien

Reet – tough; strong in Universal Tongue

Roze – a type of flower with thorns on its stem; similar to the Rose, found on many Planetary Systems thoughout the Universe; symbolic flower of the Gryson Kingdom

Scopulars – a type of high powered binoculars

Shenos – the God worshiped by followers of the ‘Higher Faith’ Religion

Sontos – hello in Serainian

Sram – goodbye in Serainian

Tazerbomb – a small hand grenade that emits a small non-lethal electrical charge used to incapacitate inmates in prision, to prevent riots and fights among the those incarcerated; a common tool utilized by pirates to incapacitate their victim ships for the purpose of robbing them of valuables.

Tosser – ass; rear; back side; another name for a mule in Universal Tongue

Traquese – trackers from the planet Subterrania, the best trackers in the known Universe, they always get their target no matter how long it takes, however they refuse to track any target that leaves a selective planet’s surface due to the impossible to trace signatures of the HELL Stream pull of most ships.

Vingarbi – the traditional alcoholic beverage of Camasi; highly corrosive; for best results, brew in a fusion chamber; believed to be a religious right of passage for a child’s first drink of Vingarbi, usually at the age of fourteen years

Vintage – old fashioned; out dated

The Glossary for Love and Piracy


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I changed my mind and decided to post the new or difficult words from my novel here! I hope you enjoy the deffinitions!

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