Love and Piracy Chapter One

Our story begins in the year 22 488 AT (alternatively 24 500 CE), on the luxury Starship Comfortex, in the Cargo Bay to be more precise. Enter Captain Lex of the interstellar Starship Conqueror, running backwards through the hall leading to said Cargo Bay, aiming a laser pistol at the door infront of her and firing randomly.

“Wes! Tell the boys to speed it up! These damned Alterians don’t seem to like being plundered!” She called over her shoulder to a tall blue man waiting for her.

“Can’t imagine why that is Captain! Everyone likes being plundered, especially by us!” Wes called back with a laugh, “Men you heard the Captain! Let’s get a move on! That door won’t hold forever!”

After a few more moments a voice calls “She’s all loaded Capt’n!”

“Good, now let’s get the Gynz out of here! What say you?” Captain Lex Answered. She and the thirty men with her left through the port hatch of the _Comfortex_’s Cargo Bay onto a solar powered Scunner. Into an open gun battle between the two Starships. The moment the Scunner landed in the _Conqueror_’s Launch Bay, the Starship disappeared, having jumped into what is known as the ‘HELL Stream’. “Wes we need to switch name plates immediately. If those damned Alterians decide to come after us I want them to find the ‘Crusader’ not the ‘Conqueror’.”

“Yes Captain. I’m on it.”

“The rest of you, good work, get all of our ill-gotten gains to the C-Deck ASAP. You know the drill.” A chorus of “Aye Capt’n” followed Captain Lex as she left the Scunner and headed to the ‘Captain’s Elevator’ that would take her to her quarters.

Having just witnessed that spectacular scene, you probably think that Captain Lex is pretty impressive don’t you? What if I told you that she’s only eighteen Earth years old? Oh did that surprise you? Maybe you need some more background on our young Captain…

Captain Lex was known (until her sixteenth birthday anyway) as Duchess Laina Alexandra (Lexi) Washburn of planet Zeon Beta Omega, daughter of Count Ruban Oliver Washburn and Countess Amelia Ranjita Washburn, younger sister of Duke Hubert Exavier Washburn. She is five feet seven inches tall with light, silvery blue skin, dark aqua hair and bright magenta eyes, oh and she would like to add that her teeth are a vibrant white. Lex inherited the Starship Conqueror/Crusader from her grandfather Conrad Bradford Sherwood who died in 22 486 AT. The crew of said Starship have known her since she was five and only know her as Little Lexi or Captain Lex, they know nothing of her nobility status which is the way she likes it. Actually that’s not entirely true – there is one who knows…

Now that that’s out of the way where were we…? Oh yes the Captains cabin. Having just stepped out of the elevator Laina walked over to the bed and promptly collapsed onto it, but before she could actually get comfortable there was a knock on her door. With a groan she sat up, “Enter!”

“Laina are you alright?” Wes asked as the doors slid open at the other side of the room.

“You’re lucky there’s no one around Westen.” She answered instead. Wes’ full name is Westen Charles Therson; he is the second in command or the first mate.

“I made sure of that before I knocked.” He said smiling.

“Good. The last thing I need is for any of those cut-throats to know who I really am. They’d mutiny in a gelfor heart beat.”

“They’re Pirates, what did you expect, tea and crumpets?” Wes said sarcastically. “Now are you all right? We took some pretty heavy fire down in that Cargo Bay.”

“I’m fine just a little tired. How’s the crew?” Laina asked stifling a yawn.

Wes pulled a chair over from the table a little ways away from her bed and sat down. “The thirty we took with us are happy with our haul, which, by the way, they estimate at three billion cryos. The other four hundred men can’t wait for our next shore leave.”

“How long has it been since our last one?” She asked wearily.

“Eight months and thirteen days. But we’ll need to refuel soon anyway. Any news from your brother?”

“No but I don’t really expect any anyway, he’s never been consistent about keeping in touch.” At that moment the ship’s computer butted in.

“Captain,” The clearly feminine electronic voice said, “We are receiving a signal from planet Zeon Beta Omega. Shall we drop from the ‘HELL Stream’ to intercept it?”

“Yes, please inform the crew.” She said perking up a bit. “You did change the name plates right Wes?”

“Of course Laina, don’t I always? Shall we go to the Bridge?”

“I guess we must, give me a second to change.” Wes turned his back and waited. Laina pushed a button on her wristband and she was in a uniform more fitting of a non-pirate Starship Captain (non-governmental Captain at that). “Alright, let’s go.”

Love and Piracy Chapter One


Oshawa, Canada

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