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The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Four

The peace talks were to start at noon and the Elite were put to work setting up the tent in which they would happen. Much to many of the elves dismay, “All I’m saying is why can’t see get one of the lesser battalions to do this grunge work? I mean we’re supposed to be the Elite, we shouldn’t have to put up peace tents…”

“Oh quit your whining Jefferson, we’re not technically members of the Elite yet remember? This war came up before the Princess could do the final eliminations. There’s still a chance that either of us could be reassigned to another battalion. Besides, think of it this way… If we as the Elite, are willing to do this meaningless grunge work in order to ensure peace reins throughout our nations then it looks better on Elves in general.” His friend told him as he tugged a support rope tighter and secured it to the ground with a peg and a little magick.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right Cane, but still…”

Rebecca was on the other side of camp still rewriting the peace treaty terms when the tent was finished, “Milady, the Kings are waiting for you.” A tall Elf informed her.

“Thank you Brisbane. Please inform them that I shall be with them shortly,” She told him impatiently brushing a stray lock of her long blond hair from her face.

“Milady King Willow has sent a litter to carry you to them…”

“Why? I can walk just fine… Oh never mind, I am ready now. I shall not need the services of said litter Brisbane; I shall let the wind carry me.” She told him with an angry sigh. “Oh and Brisbane… about that transfer you requested…”

“Yes Milady?”

“Why do you wish to be transferred to Commander Genis’ Battalion? I thought putting you with Commander Reinheart was a good move.”

“Milady it is not that the decision was not sound, I believe that I could learn more from Genis then Reinheart, after all I am a Fire Element…”

“Of course how could I have forgotten…? Brisbane I know Commander Genis and although he is a Fire Element as well I believe that if you wish to hone in your power you would be better suited for Commander Ishmere…”

“Your uncle’s battalion milady?”

“You sound surprised Brisbane, my uncle may be a prince but he is still a warrior at heart, and a Fire Element. If you wish I will pull a few strings and have you transferred to his battalion as soon as this bloody war has been put to rest.” Rebecca promised with a smile.

“Thank you milady, you are most kind…” Brisbane bowed to her and left her tent. Rebecca sighed, looked down at the now finished treaty, rolled it up and walked out of her tent as well. Once out side she closed her eyes and spread her arms wide and waited… Before long a strong breeze started to play with her hair, and before anyone could blink, the breeze turned into a gale and then it and the princess were gone.

“Your Magesties, I have in my hand the Peace Treaty which has been drawn up by the Royal Scribe Madilin as it pertained to King Harr’s original terms.” Rebecca announced as the wind settled around her, sometimes it was helpfull to be the only air elemental, it made getting places so much faster. She strode into the tent and presented the Kings each with their own copies of her Peace Treaty. “Please read them over to makesure that all is well in the writings, it would be most unfortunate if Madilin had left anything out.”

King Harr picked up his copy and read it over quickly, he smiled as he noted the changes made to it, “Yes all seems to be in order. What say you Willow? Are these terms to your liking?” Harr asked his smile fading.

“No they are not.” Willow answered sullenly.

“Milord surely you see the fairness in these words. We all wish for this needless slaughter to end and we all need to make a few sacrafices to see that it does. I, myself was skeptical when I had first read King Harr’s terms. However after much debate I believe that these terms as they have been rewritten are beneficial to all those involved.” Rebecca said choosing her words very carefully, “Unless of course you have any usefull contrabutions to make to this treaty milord…?”

“The terms may not be to my liking but if you believe that they are sound Granddaughter then sound they are.” He said through clenched teeth, “I will sign if you will sign Harr.”

“As soon as a quill is placed in my hand I shall sign with out delay.” Harr said his smile returning.

“Anthony, Mogi, if you would please give your Kings their quills?” Rebecca asked nodding to her friends. Both men stepped forward and placed predipped quills before their respective kings, and after each had signed his copy, the switched the Treaties and the Kings signed again. Then before the assembled Goblin and Elven armies both kings shook hands, and if one was standing where Rebecca was they could see how each King tried to break the other’s hand with their vice like gripp. Men! She thought to herself rolling her eyes and rubbing her stitches.

“How are you holding up?” Anthony asked from behind her.

“I am fine, although I was not sure that that would go as smoothly as it did. Thank the Goddesses that Willow likes to please the crowd.”

“Well Daliah is is patron Goddess after all…” Anthony said with a smile, “That reminds me a letter came for you yesterday…”

“Oh from whom?” Rebecca asked only somewhat listening to the speace being given by the two kings.


“What! And why did you wait until now to tell me! I should have been informed immediatly!” She exclaimed in a whisper.

“You were still in the Medical tent bleeding to death, how were we supposed to tell you?” He asked smiling.

“Oh never mind, where is the letter?”

“Right here,” He said pulling it out from his belt, “I’d appoligize for the blood but that’s yours as well.”Rebecca grabbed the thick scroll from Anthony and marched off unrolling it. Ah young love, those were the days… He thought happily to himself as he turned his attention back to his King’s words.

The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Four


Oshawa, Canada

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