The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter Four … One of my more prosperous weeks, three hundred seventy-five thousand up front from Tobias, plus I raided three houses on Kensington, the sp… The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter Three &#… After brunch Brayton decided that I should give him a tour of London, as if in the hundred thirty-six years the git has been alive he’s nev… The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter One -The… Faster, faster, I have to run faster, damned wolves being able to change at will so long as the moon is full! I always have to wait for mid… The Moonchild Chronicles – Chapter Two R… My little run-in with the wolves used up most of my night-time, so my original plans for that night would have to wait until midnight the n… Me 2 by becteri Bronwyn or James? (Chapter Three) After Bronze had feed and put the little girl to bed for the night, she realized that she had some explaining to do. / “She’s w… The Zodiac – Chapter one Ceana Auchenleck was your ordinary 18 year old outcast, at least until she met Mr. Currington. It was an accedent really, one of those one … Why? It makes me wonder, / Every time I hear the thunder / In my mind sound again / Why I let you drive me insane / Yet again I muse / Upon the … Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Nine Apparently I was very wrong about just who had posted my bail… It was supposed to have been Rocko, however it was Spike who posted for my b… There They Stand There they stand on hill top high / Swaying in the wind, leaves blowing by / Anchored to the earth by their feet / Skyclad in praise of the… Memory Lane The memory of you emerges from the night around me / And try as I might it won’t leave me be / Each moment is stretched before my unwilling… Believe it or not Believe it or not / My heart does bleed / Believe it or not / I don’t like to lead / Believe it or not / I‘m not with out need / Believe it… Lifes Question How can one go on with life / When we are all born to die? / Nothing lasts forever in this world / And no one can stop the natural course /… Revenge is Best Served Cold My name is Sarah Emilé Rodriguez; I am a 38 year old mother of 3 grown sons from Atlanta, Georgia. I am the Chess Set Murder and in the las… Kodi’s Choice – Chapter Four “No.This is just a polished steel blade, but I can see why you would think it was silver.” She pulled the blade from her pocket and showed … A Colaberation Between Anika Oberg and Becca Ther… It was All Hallow’s Eve / And Wiccans grasped hands over flickering candels / Thirteen in a circle / Eight with eyes bright / Staring… Excert from Dawn of a Royal Flower If Rebecca had been furrious before it was nothing to how she felt now. Faster then the eye could comprehend, she raced to the top of the t… Two Poems about Poetry Lymericks, Sonnets, Epitaths too / It’s always fun to write with you! / Wheather you be short or long, / A note or a song! / Oh yes p… Motivation For Moving Out Discontent, yes this is probably the best word to use to describe how I feel about my parents; more specifically their overall parenting te… Oh The Joy of Change Today started the same as any other Monday, Sweetie’s little wet nose poked and prodded me awake. Once I was awake fully I had Mother’s But… Bronwyn or James? (Chapter Two) “I’m home!” Bronze called to the silent house as she unlocked the front door; she didn’t really expect an answer bu… Bronwyn or James? (Chapter One) “Commissioner, Agent Bronze is back from Africa and waiting in your office as requested.” The Commissioner’s overly eager… Bronwyn or James? (Prologue) Four-o-clock on the dot, eight year old Bronwyn Weeks walked in her house and threw her school bag by the door before removing her shoes, &… The Lion Guard by becteri How I feel about my name! My first name is Rebecca, and although it is pretty name, I personally am not a fan of it. Mainly because I found out what it means in Hebr… Love and Piracy Chapter Two They arrived on the Bridge a few minutes later just in time to hear the transmission as they slipped out of ‘HELL Stream’. / “Attention Cap… I'm watcing you! by becteri Midnight stroll by becteri The Zeon People Zeon’s are an interesting race; they come from the Zeon System, which consists of twenty-seven planets revolving around one sun, Quelsar, a… The Glossary for Love and Piracy Augo – a Marshezien year; equivalent to six Earth months / Bari – a type of heat resistant tree found only on the planet Camasi; usually no… Me by becteri Laina at a banquet... by becteri Love and Piracy Chapter One Our story begins in the year 22 488 AT (alternatively 24 500 CE), on the luxury Starship Comfortex, in the Cargo Bay to be more precise. En… Love and Piracy Excert (Part of Chapter Eight) Shaking her head at his comment, Laina went back up to her Cabin to think. Was she biting off more then she could chew? Was this whole vent… Love and Piracy Excert (Part of Chapter Four) Meanwhile back on the Conquering Crusader Bruser was having a very heated argument with himself, sort of. / “Bower, what do you mean you do… My Mind’s Struggle Thoughts spiral / In my head / Round and round they go / Thoughts that could never be read / By the causual passerby / Thoughts that have … Pandora’s Box “So this is it then?” / “Yep the one and only my boy.” / “Funny I though it’d be bigger…” /… For Shawna Short and tart / Tis how I would discribe you / Annoying and mean / Are good words to use too / One minute you love me to pieces / The next… The Camasien People Mini Bio Other common uses for Vingarbi by non-Camasiens include a dissolvent for stray meteorites that become attached to ships hulls, dissolving c… Love and Piracy Prologue After the Earth year 2012 Common Era (CE) scientists hit a major technological breakthrough, a breakthrough that changed the Earth forever.… Acceptance Merry met dear friends / I welcome you to my home / With open arms of acceptance / No one who walks through my door / Will be turned away b… My Luna My Luna / My eyes search for you / Every night / Without my asking them to / Your pale beauty / Is captivating to all / Who see your glowin… My Calming Spell/Chant I am slowly going crazy / Crazy going one two three / Crazy going slowly am I / Five four three two six one switch! Guidance Earth / Wind / Fire / Water / The four elements / I call upon. / Heed my voice / Answer my call / Come to my aid / Lend me your Strengt… Corilina’s tale She didn’t even have the decency to wear black to Gramma’s Funeral, of course not… not precious Lilibeth, no she wears pu… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter Five When have I ever done anything that His Royal-Pain-in-My-Neck has ever been pleased with? We make the switch, I will not give Willow the sa… Elven Elements The Basic Elements Acording to the Ancient Elves and Their Magickal Practises / Fire – The ability to control Fire / Water – Th… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter Four Before long a strong breeze started to play with her hair, and before anyone could blink, the breeze turned into a gale and then it and the… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter Three Appeasing Willow should not be your main objective; Willow is a spoiled child in a grown Elf’s body with a crown. He needs to know th… My Tattoo! by becteri For him… Why you could be so blind / When everyone else has pointed it out / Just blows my mind every time / It’s all I can do not to shout! Come the Dawn Damn it! It’s almost dawn! I thought to my self, I should have been home hours ago. “We must hurry Henry!” I called to my… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter Two Both sides have lost many lives and for what?! Answer us that King! Tell your people why they have been fighting for three weeks straight! … Blessed Be Blessed be the child’s name / The child that was slain in vain / Blessed be his tender heart / That never got a chance to start / Blessed b… To Laura I wonder if I would feel / Different about you / If you never left? / If you hadn’t chosen him / Over us, the way you did / If you a… The Dawn of a Royal Flower – Chapter One “When a friend falls it is my duty to see that she lives… it was by my blade that she fell.” The lead goblin said removin… Sisters! I’m smiling because I’m your sister… / I’m laughing because there’s nothing you can do about it! Rules to live by. Dance like no one’s watching / Sing like no one can hear you / Love like you’ve never been hurt The Things She’ll Never Say… Love, / Look into my eyes / Tell me what you see / Please don’t say nothing / I’m sure there is something there / Just for a m… The Pirate Song Oh a Pirates life is full of stife / But I’d rather be a Pirate / Then be a militery Wife / Waiting for her man’s life / A pira… Bethalynn’s Song Sing me a song of serenity / Make it worth my while / I will not wait for long / To hear your poetic style / Many call me impatient / Well … Laina’s Letter Dear Westen, / I never dreamed that the day would come when I had to write you a letter explaing how I feel instead of telling you to your … Bethalynn’s Poem Lady Bethalynn is her name / The Angel on high / Her beauty is pure and untamed / She has caused many men to sigh / Through the centuries s… Silver Bloods T’is a very intersting and distressing topic that you have chosen tonight my children, but if you insist on having the knowledge then… Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Eight Sleeping on a bench in a holding cell is not an easy thing to do, sure I could have walked all of two feet over to the cot, but I could sme… Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Seven “Aye captain!” I said sarcastically, “So I get to spend another night in lock up do I? Should I take my tooth brush this … My Dilemma It’s really late but I don’t mind / Because some times the words are hard to find / That express the way we feel / In a way tha… Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Six So they approached my father for premission to take me into their happy little family of psychopaths. My father almost shot the idiot that … Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Five The chared remains were hardly recognizable, his back was arched in agony the moment he died. Sure I didn’t like the man, and sure I … In the Mirror Do you want to know what I see when I look in the mirror? / I see beauty, peace, love and truth. / I see a girl in control of her mind and … Oh Highschool of Mine, I Bid Thee Adieu Ready or not here we go, on our own / Into this world of love and disappointment / But are we truly ready to have our cover blown? / Ready … Refections Why do you wear so much make up? / What are you trying to hide? / I’m sure you’re just as beautiful with out it. Kodi’s Choice – Chapter Three My lord, if you don’t mind my saying so, you did not make your intentions all that subtle. As you mentioned my lord, I have been thro… Courting Rituals – The Difference Between V… An interesting topic my children, you wish to know of the different courting rituals? Very well, we shall start with the Vampyres and then … Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Four I have never liked my Uncle and hope to be there when he dies. Anything else you’d like to know? Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Three “My new what?” I asked him indisbelief, “Drac I’m seventeen, I don’t need you to hire some Werewolf to be my … Death and Fire – The Difference Between Vam… It has astonded humans for centuries that both the Vampyre and Werewolf civilizations have specific burial techniques to which they impose … Kodi’s Choice – Chapter Two “…I am a slave, I know my place, but that fact does not mean that I cannot live my life with all the digity that I desire milo… Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter Two Look Unlce Drac, it’s nothing personal, I sell the guns because I rather like the life style that I currently live. Ravenna Twyla Dragoon – Chapter One It was a dark day. / A day of sorrow, pity, pain, and thunderstorms. / At least it should have been…
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