CDC finally advise people on Zombies

“What do you mean you have a Zombie plan?” cue laughing at the geek in the corner.

But I say more fool them and I am very happy to read today that the CDC have finally put together a help plan in case of zombie apocalypse.

Of course the wise and most awesome amongst us will already have one, but its good to know that everyone else has at least a chance.

Even better they have created widgets and badges for your website, which can be found here

So I urge you to make friends and family aware, after all if the CDC are taking it seriously so should they :D

I need to rant, hope you don't mind!

There’s something bugging me and I want to put the record straight.…

(Note: This is not based on fellow Redbubblers, you guys are awesome, I just need to rant)

Just because I don’t enjoy wearing clothes I’m uncomfortable in, shoes that make me want to amputate my toes and drinking so much I can’t remember falling down the stairs, doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. It’s just a different kind of fun.

The fact is I would much rather spend my free time at home (or my other home) with my husband and the three closest friends I have. I bet we have just as much fun as anyone enjoying a night out, only we’re warm, comfy and not being judged by everyone else. Plus when the hour is late and it’s time to sleep, there is the bonus of not having to wait for taxis and spend a fortune just to get to bed.


Sexism in the world of Superhero films?

I am very disappointed and I’ll explain why?…

Let me take you back to the mid 80’s when the summers were always hot and it never rained, and children would play out all day not worrying about the possibility of being kidnapped by some depraved paedophile and the fabulous Lynda Carter was starring in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman on British TV.

I was about 5, 6 maybe and I loved Wonder Woman, (and still do). I spent my summer holidays spinning and spinning and pretending to be the Amazon. My mum even made me an outfit. Looking back now, what a great role model, a female superhero kicking ass in a male dominated world.

20 odd years on and I am very disappointed by the continuing sexism in the superhero movie industry. Both Batman and Superman have been well represented in the film indus

I have a website :D

Well I have been a busy bunny. My lovely husband has bought me, so I have spent the last few days building my very first website :D

I’m really happy with it and just wish there were more hours in the day to make it even better, but I’m sure I will get there eventually.

I would appreciate it if people would have a look and tell me what they think (please be gentle it’s my first time).

It's super amazing!

I have just noticed that I have two pieces featured in The super amazing superhero group, I love super heroes so this is super amazing. I wonder how many other supers I can get in the entry. Erm…I’m super thankful to the super people who choose me for the features, it makes me super happy and super proud :D

Right I think thats enough supering for one day.

Join me on Facebook

I have taken the next step in self promotion and created myself a Facebook group.

All welcome to join me and view some of my designs on other products as well as my Red Bubble stuff of course :D

God I hope it doesn’t just end up being me and my ever supporting husband that would be a bit sad :P.

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