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CDC finally advise people on Zombies

“What do you mean you have a Zombie plan?” cue laughing at the geek in the corner.

But I say more fool them and I am very happy to read today that the CDC have finally put together a help plan in case of zombie apocalypse.

Of course the wise and most awesome amongst us will already have one, but its good to know that everyone else has at least a chance.

Even better they have created widgets and badges for your website, which can be found here

So I urge you to make friends and family aware, after all if the CDC are taking it seriously so should they :D


  • Akkra
    Akkraover 3 years ago

    LMAO!! Bless ‘em for having a sense of humour. Too late for me though, I’ve had my zombie plan in place for years. I’ve got loads of tinned carrots and bottled water. As soon as the warning is given I’ll be up in my attic eating crisps. :D