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I’ve been drawing for fun since I was little, unfortunately the art teacher at school was evil so I took drama instead. I enjoy doodling and sketching but have been teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator (with a little help from my friend Mel . I enjoy creating and just wish I was able to do it full time. But such is life, its a great hobby and keeps me occupied.

I’m a roleplayer and find this tends to influence my work, also a fan of all things geek, nerd and sci fi.

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Qwertee...For one day only

My Bird is Greater than or Equal to The Word tee is on Qwertee for on day only for the fabulous price of £8. /
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My Tee with Tom 'McFly' Fletcher

This is so cool, here is a picture of my Tee design with Tom Fletcher from McFly. / Thanks to Ruth and Val for letting me use it. / Available to buy here
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CDC finally advise people on Zombies

“What do you mean you have a Zombie plan?” cue laughing at the geek in the corner. / But I say more fool them and I am very happy to read today that the CDC have finally put together a help plan in case of zombie apocalypse. / Of course the wise and most awesome amongst us will already have one, but its good to know that everyone else has at least a chance. / Even better they have cr…
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I need to rant, hope you don't mind!

There’s something bugging me and I want to put the record straight. / (Note: This is not based on fellow Redbubblers, you guys are awesome, I just need to rant) / Just because I don’t enjoy wearing clothes I’m uncomfortable in, shoes that make me want to amputate my toes and drinking so much I can’t remember falling down the stairs, doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. It’s just a different kind of fu…
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