Happy 4th of July! Celebrate your independence with independent art



Just a quick note about the subject!

I have received nothing but praise for the quality of my bags and throw pillows.
People have told they were so beautifully printed.
They could not believe such a bargain price for an elegant item!

Now I will add my praise. Every articles received are incredibly well pack.

This morning I was out when the 2 mugs I had ordered were delivered.
The postman left a note saying, it had been sent over the fence in my back garden.
I sincerely thought my mugs would be broken!

No, the are not. They were in a superb strong protective packaging.
All the way from America to England, flying over the ocean and my fence :)

Thank you Redbubble!


It is rather difficult to post here feelings, news etc..

We need to be careful about the wording and content of our posts, just in case we offend someone or something.
For this reason, in future I will be posting all my news on my BLOG