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And another sale

Right to the end of the year, I will have enjoyed looking at my emails and get a lovely surprise..

Isn’t nice to find out that someone like your work enough to buy a print or card or cushion or bag….

This time is a card

A big THANK YOU to the buyer! You have made my day

Facebook and its problems

For quite a while now, I have created pages on Facebook for the groups I am run as a Co-Host.

Facebook’s decision to ask for payment to all advertising pages means I will have to delete what I have created.

So in a few days, I will delete Painters Academics on Facebook, Still life Painters and The Art of Watercolour, all on Facebook.

However, not all is lost. I will try to put our artists’ work through Twitter.

PAINTERS ACADEMICS going beyond our dreams

Having spent a few years on Redbubble, it occurred to me that most groups were featuring Paintings, Digital Art, Designs, Photography, some were choosing the best of a medium mainly in Digital or a mixture of Mediums.

I felt Fine Art Artists were left a bit behind.

Three years ago, I decided to create a group that would recognise, back up and boost the very best Artists Painters I could possibly find on Redbubble (the search is still on for more)

I asked my fellow artist Alan Stevens if he would be willing to help me and so three years ago PAINTERS ACADEMICS was born.

This year our group became associated with SOLO-EXHIBITION and artist Frannie Moore

In Google, PAINTERS ACADEMICS is now a force to be recognized, being second on the first page behind Wikipedia.

Our artists are publicised …


Extract from DACS in UK

Copyright is infringed when someone carries out one of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights without their permission, and an exception to copyright does not apply.

This can be in relation to the whole or a substantial part of the artistic work. What is substantial is determined by a qualitative test, not a quantitative one, which means that there may be an infringement even if a small but distinctive portion of the original artwork is copied.

If you are an artist whose work has been copyright infringed, you are entitled to bring proceedings against the infringer for copyright infringement.

A number of civil remedies may be granted if the claim is successful: these include an award of damages or an injunction which orders the infringer to stop using the work…


So why I wouldn’t enter a competition in UK? After all, most of them are accepting any age, gender etc..

Well, I am always left baffled by the taste of the judges. I see brilliant artists in all kind of styles, from abstract, to impressionism to realistic, all producing quality works.

So after awarding a famous unmade bed with the Turner prize, now we have the winner of the John Moores Painting, Rose Wylie. I should be happy she is 80 years old, so no prejudice about her age.

So what is wrong with me?

- Envy? No
- Being artistic, I understand Art
- I praise and encourage beautiful work.
- I try best to understand new ways of expressing art.

One thing I cannot stand is hypocrisy and we have tones of it in the Art world.
I do not want to pain this lady but there are better artists to pra

Searching for TEMPERA artists

Painters Academics is running a feature this week about TEMPERA.

We wonder if any of you, working with this medium, would be happy to add some tips on our discussion?

You could kindly visit the PAGE and help us.

Thank you :)

When artists from Redbubble meet !

Thanks to Redbubble, a few years ago I met online Lynda Robinson

Lynda lives in Australia and is visiting England.
I am so fortunate to have met Lynda and her husband Pete. Both are wonderful people.

We surely had a lot to share with our Art and no meeting would be long enough to share all what we had to say!

Thank you dear Lynda and Pete, it has been a privilege to have you in Hythe

Lynda and B by Beatrice Cloake


Today on Redbubble’ blog it is Friendship Day, celebrated all over the world.

I would like to add my point of view on this one:

Redbubble community is one of the very best in all sites I have visited.
We are artists, photographers, designers who have all at a time stumbled into each others in groups or while posting our works.

I have made many friends here from all over the world.
Some have become very special.
Beyond my dreams, in a few days I am going to meet Lynda Robinson who is flying from Australia!
I have been in touch with many of you on different occasions.
There are wonderful people here on Redbubble!

Here is my contribution to the day, one of my little work.

Please feel free to add one of your work behind my post. I would be SO happy

Best friends
by Beatrice Cloake

Best friends