Back on track

Can you imagine being an artist deprieved from your very favourite medium?

A few years ago I started to be allergic to Pastel then Oil then Acrylic and all things in life like flowers, perfum, spray etc…

For three years I painted in Watercolour. At first I was really down about it but the challenge to explore a new medium took over.

Last Summer, I had some flowers in my kitchen to paint. Usually I would have them for an afternoon and would have to take them outside, I forgot to do so. It was the following day that I discover that the flowers were still near me and nothing had happened
(swollen glands in the neck, swollen lips, coughing etc…)
Then perfum did no longer affect me either and spray.

I have been puzzled about it all. I talked about it with friends who told me that allergies can burn themselves out of our system.

Last week with great apprehension and care, I started to paint in Oil. I took great care to eliminate the smell of the fumes with cleaning quickly my equipment and taking the painting to dry in another room than my studio.
Nothing wrong has happened to me.
Day 2 and 3 were the same.

And so I want to share with you my happiness. I am back on track! I am working once more on canvas.
There still will be some watercolour because I love it too!


  • WalnutHill
    WalnutHillover 1 year ago

    Hooray!!!! >loud cheers and wild applause< Can’t wait to see all the beauty!!! ;-D
    >blows kiss<


  • Oh you are so lovely Jan to have so much enthousiasm for me. Thank you sooooo very much


    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Marriet
    Marrietover 1 year ago

    Great to hear.

  • Thank you so much Marriet :)

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 1 year ago

    Glad to hear the allergies seem to have gone away! Your watercolors are beautiful, but I’m looking forward to seeing new work again, now that you can use old favorite media again! I kind of know what you mean. Several years ago I started getting hives from ‘chemicals’ like perfume, detergents, etc. There was a bath product store in the mall that reeked of it, and I would feel my face start to burn and inflame as I passed by it. I started carrying a homeopathic hives remedy with me, which helped a lot. And I had to use unscented products for a couple of years. But then it all mysteriously went away, mostly…I still cannot stand harsh chemical perfumes, but I can again wear the kind that are just natural essential oils without all the propellants, alcohol, etc. Thank goodness the allergies did not extend to my beloved acrylic paints, but I do set things outside to dry, or at least in another room, anyway.

  • Cindy, first of all thank you so much for your so kind comment. What makes me happy is that you to have had bad experience with allergy that seems to have cleared.

    I would love that all artists who are in this predicament find out that allergies can vanish!

    I am so happy for you. I too take my canvas to dry in another room now!!! Thank you Cindy.

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Shani Sohn
    Shani Sohnover 1 year ago

    That’s great news, Beatrice! I don’t know whether you’re aware of this, but some art supply companies produce water mixable oil paints that are more environment and people friendly. They are particularly useful for artists with allergies because they don’t have the same smell as regular oil paint and they thin and clean with water! A few companies make them. For example, Winsor & Newton.


  • Thank you dear Shani for your lovely back up. Yes I am working with Water mixable Oil, as you say a lot more friendly….

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Norah Jones
    Norah Jonesover 1 year ago

    We’re all so pleased for you Beatrice and now we wait for the oils !!!

  • Norah Jones
    Norah Jonesover 1 year ago

    Bye the way, some years ago I also had trouble with oils and started using water mixables instead and found them very good ! Happy painting.

  • Thank you so much dear Norah for your kind support. Yes these Oils are quite good although I still have to be careful with the fumes. I will win!!! :)

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Woodie
    Woodieover 1 year ago

    Very Good News Beatrice. So get painting. Cheers Neil

  • Thanks Neil :0) I am painting :)!!!!

    – Beatrice Cloake