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Please go into your settings, make sure that you protect your work by setting “disable the right click”, so that your image cannot be downloaded and used.

Most importantly, click on " Display your name across the picture".

I am always in search of how my pictures can be stolen and even if I have disabled the right click, I have found a way to download a picture.

For safety reasons I will not advertise on here how I have done it but if you want to know how, you are welcomed to send me a message on this site and I will answer to you.


  • Maree  Clarkson
    Maree Clarksonover 3 years ago

    You are so right Beatrice, there are many ways to still down-load the pics, the right-click method only deters the most ignorant of PC users – once you place your stuff on-line, your work is automatically at risk for use by scrupulous people, it’s just something we have to live with and trust that it doesn’t happen.

  • How right you are Maree.

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Richard Murch
    Richard Murchover 3 years ago

    .. Good advice Beatrice… I already have these procedures in place………………Thank you……………..

  • Great Richard.

    – Beatrice Cloake

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    Hiya Beatrice, I think you mean for them to tick the box beside:

    *_Discourage_ people from right-clicking or saving my images by placing a transparent image over the top of them. *

    Which is located HERE

    This is some important information too:

    Please understand it’s impossible to prevent downloading of images displayed on web pages, but activating this feature will make it more difficult. Your original high-resolution images are never displayed on the website, and cannot be downloaded

    As for not advertising how to copy the images in RedBubble… don’t stress about that one, that cat got out of the bag years ago, and the information is freely available to anyone who wants to know.

    RedBubble will tell you how to do it, heck, I even have a bunch of tutorials about it [as do many many other members]. Its important to realise however that the copied images are very low resolution.


  • I agree that it was not the full size resolution but big enough for anyone to print cards etc..
    I am glad to have met you. You have been added to my favourites! Thank you Byron.

    – Beatrice Cloake

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    TINEYE is a very useful tool for looking for copies of your work online.

  • Thank you Byron. Will try this.

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Geraldine M Leahy
    Geraldine M Leahyover 3 years ago

    Great advice,Beatrice! Thanks for drawing our attention to it.

  • You are welcome Geraldine. I have heard of so many artists having their work stolen and again, we need to show our work to sell it.

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • Maria  Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalezover 3 years ago

    You are totally right! A lot of people with poor imagination stole our’s a pity! Have a nice holiday Season, blessings to you and yours ;)

  • Thank you Maria for your Season blessings.In return, I am wishing you a very Happy New Year full with art creations…

    – Beatrice Cloake

  • vickimec
    vickimecover 3 years ago

    Thanks this is so helpful for me because i am still learning all the tricks….

  • I am glad that I could be of some help. X

    – Beatrice Cloake