5 years on a Redbubble with now 221.000 views.
Lately I receive about 1000 views per day on my portfolio.
Who needs a website when you have your work on RB?

By the way plenty of sales too :)

Thank you to all my visitors and buyers!


As I logged into RB, I was asked if I agreed to answer a few questions…

Of course, I would!

To start, I had to enter my Username on Redbubble.

I entered it a dozen times in every ways but to no avail could I carry on with the questionnaires. Bad luck! I had to abandon…

Received my beautiful Pillow

Thank you Redbubble. I have received my beautiful pillow cover. The material is firm and of quality. The printing is superb on both sides.

I am really proud and confident to advertise them and to buy some more


This afternoon I downloaded a new pillow.
Since my profile is no longer accessible by myself or others..

Has anyone here got the same problem.

I have:…. the server room has caught fire….