Kissy Kissy is the character design label of Beck Wheeler.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Beck studied Sculpture and Painting in New Zealand before moving to Australia in 2000. After completing a Diploma of Illustration in Melbourne, Beck set out to make her fortune armed with a pen, a needle, some cotton and a pocket full of magical beans.

Beck gave up on the magical beans after a failed attempt to steal a magical goose from a Giant’s castle. She then decided to pick up the pen and start to draw. She has drawn things for Penguin Books, Lothian Books, Cornerstine Promotions, MC Saatchi, Buro North, News Magazines, Chik Magazine, Feet Theatre and been published in Dot Dot Dash (DGV), Plusharama (Lark Books), Latex for Fun (DGV) and Handmade in Melbourne (GSP Books).

  • Joined: August 2008

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