I am a photographer who’s work involves capturing the essence of landscape,street scenes,night photography,people at work and at play.I have a interest in photojournalism & street photography.Every person has a story & every second of our life is made up of ‘moments’.Those moments can never be repeated, but they can be immortalised within a single photograph.
Website contact details: http://beccastarrphotography.weebly.com/
Exhibited-July 9-21st 2011 Red Brick Gallery
Exhibited July 7-19th 2012 Red Brick Gallery
Exhibited July 2012 B1 Gallery
Exhibited May16-28 2013 ‘Shot in the Heart of Melbourne’ Street Photography & Photojournalism Exhibition at The Victorian Artists Society Frater Gallery.
My work is Copyrighted & cannot be shared,copied,printed without my consent

  • Joined: March 2009