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There’s two kinds of people in this world when you boil it all down. You got your talkers and you got your doers. Most people are just talkers, all they do is talk. But when it is all said and done, it’s the doers that change this world. And when they do that, they change us, and that’s why we never forget them. So which one are you? Do you just talk about it, or do you stand up and do something about it? Because believe you me, all the rest of it is just coffee house and bullshit." ~ Rocco, The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day

I am 100% county girl photography are my true passion, my heart and soul are in making bugs, frogs come to a live, living, laugh love, each single day

says, "A real photographer is an artist & their photographs show the soul and personality of their subject.

~Carrie Latet

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I have myspace and Facebook, and most of mine work is there so look me up if you like. / Thanks. Ps If anyone is on Facebook, like my fan page for Kiss My Frog photography By Rebecca L Court only got 58 fans ((HELP)) Redbubble lets shows FB Friends that we can get 200 fans to like me work Thanks.
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