Hello, my name is Rebecca Fitchett. I hail from Ontario, Canada. In the district of Muskoka. A perfect location to live for a painter. Living in the country allows me the opportunity to wild life and wilderness landscapes. In fact last night we watched a moose, he was only 300’ from the house. Just across the road.

I am a self taught artist, who did not paint until later in life. Did not know I could paint! My learning has come from reading then putting what I’ve read into practice.

I have pieces in different parts of the world. Holland, U.K., France and most provinces in Canada.

We are raising an autistic grandson, I use my painting time as a way to leave home without closing the door behind me.

The galleries I belong to are close to where I live. The Severn River Inn and The Chapel Gallery I have also participated in numerous outdoor shows. I find them difficult when the weather is not accommodating ie rain or heavy winds. I always say “never again” but it is one way to get into the publics face.

  • Joined: May 2008

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