I’m a US resident, a sometime-artist and a wannabe designer hoping to be able to do this full time one day. I’ve worked mainly in color pencil and graphite in the past, but I’ve been turning to digital art recently since I don’t have much time to put into labor intensive drawings anymore. Make yourself comfortable and have a look around.

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Digital Painting Work-in-Progress

Just thought I’d show a bit of what I’ve been for the past week or so, since I haven’t uploaded any new shirt designs (and I probably won’t be doing any new ones for a while). I’ve been working on a digitally painted version of Vhadi Shev. Here’s the progress so far: / I’m not too much in love with it so far, but it’s not even halfway done so I gues…
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Features and Features

This is just a quick thank-you to Redbubble and all the people who’ve left comments and favorited my work over the past couple of days. I kinda let my account here hang in limbo for months while working on other projects. I came back a week or so ago and somehow managed to get a feature and a spot on the homepage, which is crazy-awesome. I really appreciate it. Thanks, folks!
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OMFG! TRADEMARK ABUSE! (Or How James Lindon Ruined My Day)

If you do text-based designs for t-shirts, beware. There’s a lawyer out there by the name of James Lindon who’s just trademarked the common netspeak phrase OMFG, and he’s been sending Cease and Desist orders to anyone who has designed items with the letters OMFG printed on them. I had one of my designs removed from two sites, and Zazzle just deleted several pages of items from t…
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Featured Work

I hopped on the computer this morning and was stoked to see that Pseudospring got featured in the International Superheroes of Drawing group today. / Thanks for the feature! And here’s a shoutout to one of the group’s hosts, AnitaInverarity, because she’s just a nice lady. :) / They’ve got a Halloween challenge going on right now and I really want to do something for it, b…
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